Jeremiah Johnston, PhD

  • Director, Christian Thinkers Society
  • Special Assistant to President
  • Associate Professor of Early Christianity


  • PhD, New Testament Studies, Middlesex University/Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
  • MA, Theology, Acadia University
  • MDiv, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • BA, Biblical Studies, Midwestern Baptist College.

Courses Taught

Courses taught include: (list is representative and not exhaustive)

  • Contemporary Portraits of Jesus
  • The Jesus of the Bible and Popular Culture
  • The Life and Teachings of Jesus
  • Jesus and the Synoptic Gospels, miracles and supernatural
  • Resurrection
  • The Gospel of Luke
  • James/Hebrews: The Jewish-Christian Gospels
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • New Testament Survey
  • Extra-Canonical Gospels
  • Polymorphic Christology and Imagination
  • Media Integration and Scholarship
  • The Practice of Leadership in Contemporary Ministry

Teaching Focus

Dr. Johnston’s primary teaching focus is the New Testament, Extra-canonical gospels, and Apologetics. His wider area of specialization, research and publication include the Gospel of Peter, the Acts of Pilate, the Life of Jesus and the Apostles, Historical Jesus studies, Resurrection and other afterlife beliefs in the Greco-Roman world, Synoptic Gospels, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Scriptural Intertextuality.


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  • Can We Talk To The Dead,” in Sean McDowell’s (ed.) CSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students (Nashville: Holman Bible Publishers, 2017).
  • The Dark Side” (BSFL – Nashville: LifeWay Press, 2017).
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  • “The Case for Resurrection”, with C. A. Evans, in Donald M. Borchert, James Petrik, and Arthur Zucker (eds.), Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks: Philosophy (MIH 8; Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan, 2017) 261–76.
  • Jesus and the Jihadis: Confronting The Rage of ISIS“, with Craig A. Evans (Shippensburg: Destiny Image Publishers, 2015).
  • UnAnswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions” [Bible Study and Video Series] (Nashville: LifeWay Publishing, 2015).
  • UnAnswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions” (New Kensington: Whitaker House, 2015).
  • Co-Series Editor with Craig A. Evans, “Searching the Scriptures: Studies in Context and Intertextuality” (Studies in Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity 19; London and New York: Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2015).
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  • The Resurrection of Jesus in the Gospel of Peter: A Tradition-Historical Study of the Akhmîm Gospel Fragment” (unpublished doctoral dissertation; London: Middlesex University, 2013). Currently under review for publication.
  • “Modern Day Martyrs: A Non-Christian’s Chronicle of China’s Dark Side,” Christian Research Journal 35 (2012) 60.
  • “The Gospel of Peter: The Importance of a North African Discovery,” Sapientia Logos 3 (2011) 183-215

Additional Information

A New Testament scholar and apologist, Dr. Johnston speaks on university campuses, and at churches and popular venues. His passion is equipping Christians to give intellectually informed accounts of what they believe in the public sphere and what impact those answers make in the betterment of society. Dr. Johnston is also the founder of the Christian Thinkers Society (CTS), which aims to “teach pastors and Christians how to become thinkers and thinkers how to become Christians. ” CTS has entered into an exclusive university affiliation agreement with HBU and collaborates with the University on various initiatives. The partnership is both strategic and natural, because the interests and strengths of the two organizations are so well aligned: CTS is known in apologetic circles for producing lively and informative interviews, symposiums, and broadcasts with the world’s brightest thinkers speaking to issues of faith, culture, and society. HBU is fast gaining a reputation as a premiere academic center for Christian philosophy and apologetics. Together, HBU and CTS will conduct conferences around the world featuring prominent culture influencers, Christian leaders, and scholars, several of whom are HBU professors. The conferences will address the most pertinent Christian apologetic issues of the day. For information about Dr. Johnston, the Christian Thinkers Society or to inquire about hosting an event in your area please visit, the CTS Facebook page at, or follow him on twitter @_jeremiahj
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