Geraldine Kasule

Admissions Counselor

Hello future Huskies! It is an honor to be your admissions counselor and I look forward to meeting you all!  

My name is Joddie Kasule and I was born in Uganda and mostly raised in Houston, Texas. As an immigrant, I really take pride in my background as an African and the opportunity I had to be raised in a place where cultural differences are celebrated! This also gave me the chance to discover my various passions such as: photography, dance, art, music, and entrepreneurship. 

 I obtained my Bachelors of Business Administration in Management from HBU in May 2021, in hopes to learn more about the business world and how I can use my gifts to make a difference. HBU gave me the opportunity to access the leadership, managerial, and creative skills I already had in order to succeed in school and the work place. Not only that, but this university really reflects the different cultures and backgrounds of the city. I was able to be a part of the African Student Association, American Marketing Association, and Baptist Student Ministries which gave me the chance to embrace my passion for my culture, business, and God. I pray you take the chance to get involved at HBU to be a part of something you love! 

I desire getting others to see their potential through their gifts and how they can activate those for the Kingdom of God. In that, I’m excited to be back at HBU to serve you, future huskies, and hopefully help you find your passion and calling so that you can be successful in all you do! 

Here for you always, dawgs up!