Chris Kugler, PhD

Assistant Professor of Theology


  • BA in Religion, Lee University
  • MA in Biblical Studies, University of St. Andrews
  • MA in New Testament, Duke University
  • PhD in Divinity, University of St. Andrews

Teaching Focus

Dr. Kugler’s primary teaching focuses on Jesus and Paul in their second-temple Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts.

Research Interests/Publications

He has published in Currents in Biblical Research and Review of Biblical Literature.

Committee Service/Offices Held

His research interests include:

  • Philosophical epistemology/hermeneutics
  • Christology
  • Jewish monotheism
  • Paul and his letters

Previous Professional Jobs

Previously, Dr. Kugler was a Lecturer at Westminster Theological Centre and a Tutor at the University of St Andrews.

Personal Interests or Hobbies

Dr. Kugler enjoys reading, playing basketball, cooking, playing with his dog and doing almost anything with his wife.

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