Brian Hebert, DIS

Lecturer in Intercultural Studies


  • DIS, Intercultural Studies (Diaspora Focus), Western Seminary
  • MA, Missiology, Southwestern Baptists Theological Seminary
  • BA, Biblical Studies and History of Ideas, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Intro to the Christian Faith
  • Christian Theology and Tradition
  • Missions & Evangelism

Teaching Focus

My education background and work experience is in intercultural and diaspora studies. My primary teaching focus is in the Masters of Intercultural Studies Program and in the core Bible and theology classes in the undergrad. I am a global person and have studied many other religions; I bring this experience to my teaching to show how each topic integrates with other disciplines, ideas, and worldviews. I love the ethnic and religious diversity at HBU and what this brings to the discussions in the classroom.

Publications, Articles, Essays, Media

EMS presentation “Globalized Response in a Globalized World: Diaspora Churches as the Nexus for Crisis Response” Dallas, March 2019.

Interview, The Missions Podcast, “Church Planting: Multi-Ethnic or Homogenous Units?” Jun 18, 2018

“Mobilizing for the Unengaged Through Diaspora Ministry” (prepublication title) in From Fruit to Orchard (2019).

“Respondendo ao Fenômeno da Imigração” in Refugiados, Peregrinos, e Forasteiros: a Igreja Respondendo ao Desafio Mundial da Migração.  Ed. Jairo De Oliveira.  Londrina: Descoberta, 2017.

EMS Presentation “Crossing the Arabian Desert Together: A Relational Model for Navigating Historic Controversies in Muslim-Christian Dialogue.”  New Orleans, LA, April 2015, and Dallas, Sept. 2015.

EMS Presentation “The ‘With’ of Diaspora Missiology: the Impact of Kinship, Honor, and Hospitality on the Future of Missionary Training, Sending, and Partnership.” Dallas TX. March 2014, and Atlanta GA. Sept. 2014.

“The ‘With’ of Diaspora Missiology: the Impact of Kinship, Honor, and Hospitality on the Future of Missionary Training, Sending, and Partnership.”  EMS 2015 Diaspora Missiology.  Volume 22.

Guest Lecture at Western Seminary The “With” of Diaspora Missiology, Portland, Oregon 2013.

“The Letter to Diognetus and the Church’s Mission to the Muslims Today” St Francis, June 2012 (pseudonym Jacques Hebert)

Interview, For Christ and Culture, KCBI, KCRN, KSYE, 2012

Guest Lecture “Diaspora Missiology” at Criswell College, Dallas TX, 2012.

Guest Lecture “Missions in the Middle East” at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Houston TX, 2012.

Additional Information

I grew up overseas as a kid, I have lived in the Middle East as an adult and I have traveled to almost 50 countries and the lower 48 states. I am a foodie (check out my art culture project at and love getting into great discussions with people from all walks of life, religions, and philosophies over good meals.

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