Alexa Cantu

Admissions Counselor

Hi there!

My name is Alexa and I have the incredible honor of being your Admissions Counselor!

I am originally from Houston TX, but I lived in the beautiful, freezing mountains of Colorado for 4 years as a little girl. The only dreams I had when I was younger were to be a Disney Channel star, have a lot of dogs, and live in Colorado for the rest of my life. Well, God, of course, had different plans.

God called my family back to Houston where my dad became the lead pastor of our church. Things were changing, and God shifted a lot of things within me as I grew up. He placed new dreams inside me.

I became passionate about entrepreneurship, interior design, worship, and people. I received my bachelor’s degree in Business Management, as well as two associate degrees in religious studies and business administration from Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

Pursuing a higher education was something I didn’t see myself doing when I was younger, but I have reached a level that would have been unprecedented had I not chosen to take that step.

I may not have become a Disney Channel star, I only have one dog, and I don’t live in Colorado, but I have received an education that has opened so many doors for me. I have grown professionally, academically, spiritually, and I have built the most amazing relationships with friends and professors that will walk with me towards purpose and success.

I am excited to help you begin this journey that will change your life forever. Get ready!