Pre-Health Profession Programs

HBU, through the Health Professions Office, works with students who are planning a career in one of the health professions. Specifically, we provide information and courses for students who are interested in applying to a health profession. Medical, Dental, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant schools are the most common health professions. We offer academic advising to ensure that prerequisites for professional schools are met, along with courses for degree completion and graduation from HBU.

Selecting Majors
Please be aware that the pre-health professions programs are not majors. You will select majors based on your area of interest, but majors in science are recommended in order to satisfy the prerequisite courses for most health professions while you pursue your HBU degree. The Health Professions Office recommends Biochemistry-Molecular Biology, Biology or Chemistry majors. While some programs will allow application without a completed undergraduate degree, preference is given to those who have completed their degree.

Receive Advising
Dr. Taiya Fabre is the Health Professions Program Faculty Liaison. Mrs. Amy Raimondo is the Health Professions Program Coordinator. They are available for advising and questions on selecting majors, extracurricular activities, leadership experience, community service and clinical experience by e-mail or by making an appointment. In addition, every HBU students is assigned a permanent academic advisor that will guide them through graduation.

Meet with other Pre-Health professions students
College of Science and Mathematics offer many student pre-health professions organizations.  Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) is a national honor society for Pre-Health professions students is a common student organization that many students are involved in. You can meet twice a month with other students who share your interest in a medical career. At these meetings, you can hear presentations by admissions representatives from the Texas medical schools. You will have opportunities to gain leadership experience, participate in medically related community service projects, and tour Texas medical schools. You will also be able to hear physicians from around Texas speak about their path to medical school and their careers and field of interest. Other pre-health student organizations include the Pre-Dental Society (PDS),  HBU Pre-Optometry Professional Society (HBU POPS), Pre-Physician Assistant Society (PPAS), and Pre-Therapy (PT/OT) Student Association (PTSA).

Summaries of common Pre-Health Professions Programs offered:

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