Mathematics Major

Mathematics (BS)

Mathematics is the language of the sciences.

Mathematics is about logical deduction and analysis, and finding and using pattern and structures. It is essential for explaining and predicting real-world outcomes in business and the natural sciences, and has more recently been applied to the humanities and social sciences as well.

Program Description

The Mathematics major at Houston Baptist University is designed to prepare you for careers in many fields, including teaching, computer science, government, medical technology, business, and industry, as well as research in mathematics itself. Mathematics courses are also offered to support other programs, including Business, Chemistry, Education, Engineering, and Physics. Read more about our courses in the course catalog.

Honors in Mathematics

Upper-level students with superior grade point averages, and at least 32 hours in residence at HBU, may be eligible for the Mathematics Honors Program. To receive honors in Mathematics, students must complete at least two honors courses in mathematics, plus a senior honors thesis with a grade point average of at least 3.5 and no grade below a “B.” Contract credit involves doing additional work by independent study in the selected courses. Successful completion of the Honors Program will be indicated on the student’s transcript, and will be announced during graduation ceremonies. For additional information, application forms, and a complete list of eligibility requirements, contact the Department Chair.

After Graduation

All students graduating with a Mathematics degree will have developed high-level critical thinking skills. As a mathematics graduate, you can find employment with companies in technological fields such as computer science, engineering, statistics, and actuarial science. You will also be highly valued by employers in non-technological fields because of the problem-solving abilities you will have learned. A Mathematics degree also provides you a solid foundation to pursue further study in many fields, including the health professions, engineering, statistics, and business. A degree in Mathematics can prepare you for teaching middle school and high school, or for entrance to graduate school where you can prepare for a teaching career at the university level or for a research position.

What Next?

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