Biology  (BS)

We know that you’re an enthusiastic learner of the highest integrity. You care about science and you want to know more every day.

If you want to be competitive in medical school, dental school, graduate programs in the biological sciences, and other health professions careers, or if you are seeking entry-level employment in biomedical research at academic institutions and in the biotechnology industry, then read on.

Program Description

Houston Baptist University has an established history of successful Pre-Health Professions programs.

The biology program here at HBU emphasizes the biomedical sciences. The program provides preparation for Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Optometry, and Pre-Physical Therapy professional schools, as well as training for work in research labs, and teacher education and support of the nursing programs.

The Biology department is especially strong in the areas of microbiology, histology, physiology, genetics, virology, molecular biology, immunology, and cell biology.

Because learning through research is an outstanding way to develop scientific minds, all Biology majors will participate in undergraduate research in required classes.

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Advantages and Opportunities

All classes and labs are taught by faculty members with earned PhDs in various areas of biology. They are experts in biology who enjoy teaching and helping students to learn.

Our small classes facilitate mentoring by fostering a rapport between students and faculty during the course, and continuing later outside of the classroom. Each faculty member understands the importance of mentoring students, and is committed to helping you to grow and flourish in your understanding of science and of yourself.

Each year, we place students in practicums at various medical schools and research laboratories, including MD Anderson Cancer Center, the University of Texas Health Science Centers at Galveston and Houston, and Baylor College of Medicine. These practicums allow students to enrich their education while working in the labs of some of the leading scientists in the country.

Facilities include four laboratories equipped with modern instrumentation. In particular, these labs contain electrophoresis equipment for separating DNA and protein, a PCR-thermocycler for amplifying DNA, high-pressure liquid chromatograph (HPLC) equipment for tissue culture and bacterial culture, spectrophotometers, BIOPAC equipment for human and animal physiology experiments, and computers for data analysis and probe instrumentation.

The Biology Department at HBU offers a Biology Honors program for exceptional Biology or Biochemistry-Molecular Biology majors. The Biology Honors program consists of a year-long independent research project under the guidance of a Biology faculty member. Selected students conduct their research on a topic of their choice, and then write and defend a thesis. Students will receive course credit for their work and an “Honors” notation on their transcript. Contact Dr. Lisa Ellis for more information.

Being located in Houston gives you the huge advantage of proximity to the internationally renowned Texas Medical Center. Several faculty members trained at the best cancer center in the nation, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and faculty and students are able to attend seminars presented by leading scientists, including Nobel Prize winners.

Student Groups

There are many professional organizations for you to participate in. The Biology Club provides the opportunity for all biology students to come together and participate in research, community service and other biologically relevant activities, such as field trips.

The Biology Club is supported by the members of the Biological Honor Society, TriBeta. Members of TriBeta have the opportunity to compete for scholarships, perform research and have their research published as an abstract that is presented at the annual TriBeta regional convention. Please contact Dr. Hannah Wingate for more information.

HBU is also nationally recognized for its strong chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), an honor society for health professions. This group promotes academic excellence and community service. Please contact Dr. Hannah Wingate for more information.

HBU has a student group for all students interested in a career in dentistry. The Pre-Dental Society (PDS), meets monthly, and students will enjoy presentations from dentists, tour dental schools, and participate in dental-related community service projects. Please contact Dr. Kari Brewer-Savannah for more information.

The Pre-Optometry organization, HBU POPS, enjoys working as a team to network with optometry schools in Texas.  Participants volunteer at health fairs to administer vision exams and attend optometry conferences to network with other students and admissions officers. Please contact Dr. Jackie Horn for more information.

After Graduation

Graduates of the program have become

  • PhD research scientists
  • physicians
  • dentists
  • biotechnitians
  • pharmacists
  • physician assistants
  • physical therapists
  • optometrists
  • researchers
  • STEM teachers

or have entered other interesting professions.

Professions for persons with a degree in biology extend into such fields as:

  • allied health
  • quality control
  • consulting
  • lab management
  • ecology
  • animal and plant science
  • food science
  • industrial waste
  • nutrition
  • forensics
  • criminology
  • sales

What Next?

Look in the official course catalog for more information about degree requirements.

You may also be interested in our Biochemistry-Molecular Biology major.

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