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College of Science and Mathematics

The College of Science and Mathematics (COSM) at Houston Baptist University (HBU) fosters interconnectedness among biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, and engineers, both in the sciences, and between the sciences and other fields.

The low student-to-faculty ratio and the mentoring atmosphere of the College allow faculty to involve students in their professional activities, such as research, preparing papers for presentation or publication, work at NASA or the Health Science Center, and developing special programs in elementary schools. Through these activities, students are encouraged to explore different areas of science in order to develop themselves as future science professionals.

COSM faculty not only teach the classes, but the laboratories as well. This time of “hands-on” learning is so important to the development of individual skills. Meet the Faculty.

COSM students have been successful in obtaining PhDs in their chosen fields, and going into research laboratories since the first class graduated from Houston Baptist University in 1967. The quality of our top graduates is equivalent to those from the best universities.


Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Science and Mathematics is to prepare students in a nurturing Christian environment for careers and further education in the natural sciences and mathematics.  The College will also serve the HBU community by providing science and mathematics classes that empower HBU students to meet the goals and requirements of their field of study, and enrich their liberal arts education.

What We Do

  • We Maintain

    A high level of academic excellence and have a welcoming Christian environment for all people

  • We Believe

    Students benefit from a strong liberal arts background as they work to develop their critical thinking skills

  • We Learn Together

    We believe that we learn together and are developing future leaders

  • One-on-One Interaction

    We believe that an atmosphere of one-on-one interaction with one another is extremely important

  • We Teach

    Science and mathematics in a Christian environment where there is no conflict of faith; where ethical behaviors in the profession areas are communicated to each student

  • We Do Everything We Can

    To assist students in becoming successful in their chosen areas and their future lives

Advising in the College of Science and Math

Academic advising is a crucial component of a student’s success in the science majors. Our students receive excellent advising for course selections, help with applications to professional programs, and are supported in the fields they plan to pursue. Popular fields include pre-med and other pre-health care fields, graduate programs in science, education, and employment in business or industry. Advice for course selections is based on the majors the student has selected, and their specific career plans. COSM students meet with their individual advisors each semester.

Student Organizations

COSM students are quite involved in student organizations across campus and within our area. Here is a list of student organizations within our area followed by a brief description of each:


Departments in the College of Science and Mathematics

  • Department of Biology

    The Department of Biology offers majors in Biology and Biochemistry-Molecular Biology (BCMB). Students may also choose a minor in Biology, or choose to work on the requirements for HBU’s pre-professional programs in Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry. Our department also offers coursework that supports Houston Baptist University’s Nursing program, as well as the Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Physical Therapy, and Pre-Physician’s Assistant programs. Learn more.

  • Department of Chemistry

    The Department of Chemistry at HBU offers a major and a minor in Chemistry with strong foundations in both theory and laboratory practice. Our academics are excellent.

    You can follow many career paths with a degree in Chemistry. As a Chemistry major, you can obtain meaningful, professional employment in research laboratories and industrial laboratories on a bachelor’s-degree level. Learn More

  • Department of Mathematics and Physics

    The Department of Mathematics and Physics offers majors in Mathematics, Mathematical Studies and Physics. In addition, a major in Composite Science is offered jointly by the Department of Mathematics and Physics, and the Department of Chemistry. Students who major in Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences or Physics may choose either a BA or a BS degree. Honors programs are available for students majoring in Mathematics or Physics. Minors in Mathematics and Physics are also offered. Learn More

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