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Chalk & Wire is a web-based system that provides a place for students to create electronic portfolios to showcase their work in a portable format that they can carry with them after graduation. Additionally, Chalk & Wire provides a program assessment system for faculty and department heads to evaluate student learning outcomes specific to the academic program.

It is important to note, that Chalk & Wire displays student work in an e-portfolio format. Chalk & Wire is not intended for assessment on individual courses but rather for faculty to collectively assess student work that is common across a program over time using the same set of criteria. Results are aggregated and reported to evaluate mastery at the program level.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Do they have to buy it a the HBU bookstore or can they get it where they can find it?
      • It is an HBU license so the HBU bookstore online or in-person
    • Is the version of Chalk and Wire specific to HBU?
      • Yes
    • Can other electronic documents be uploaded e.g. syllabi?
      • Only the key assessments will go into the portfolio. Fieldwork logs, observation evals, and anything related to the intern will go in the fieldwork section
    • Can two people access CW at the same time? Supervisor and student?
      • Yes, but there would not be a reason for them to look at the same thing
    • Will students receive training on how to use CW?
      • I have help documents and videos for students. If they need further training after they have reviewed those resources, we can see about making that happen. The student side is extremely intuitive, so I don’t foresee major issues. Also, after students working with C&W for a year and a half, very few students need actual training beyond the resources.
    • How to submit Assignments
    • How to log your field experience
  • When do I need to purchase Chalk & Wire?

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  • How to get started with Chalk & Wire
    1. Purchase a Subscription code from the book store
    2. Register/Activate your account
    3. Sign onto a course

    How to do the instructions above have been provided below.

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  • Purchasing or Renewing your Chalk & Wire Account

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  • Where do I post my portfolio

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