Scholarships for Education and Behavioral Sciences

In addition to the various Undergraduate scholarships and program specific Graduate scholarships, students in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences have additional scholarship opportunities that are available.

The Guild Graduate Scholarship

An endowed graduate scholarship may be awarded to an outstanding applicant. Additional annual scholarships will also be awarded. Students will be required to reapply annually. To be considered for a Guild Scholarship, all of your application materials for the Doctor of Education in Executive Educational Leadership, Master of Education, Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Master of Arts in Biblical Languages, Master of Arts in Christian Leadership or Master of Divinity program must be received by Graduate Admissions by March 1st.
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¡Project Adelante! Scholarships

Through ¡Project Adelante!, there are scholarships available for undergraduate, postbaccalaureate, and graduate students. These scholarships provide funds to increase the number of students completing the certification for Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language (ESL) in order to become teachers. 150 pre-service and in-service teacher candidates will earn EL certification. In addition, 100 in-service novice teachers of English learners will receive professional development, which we will evaluate using a quasi-experimental research design.

Project Adelante Goals

  • Goal 1: Increase Teachers in Houston

    Goal 1

    Increase the number of certified teachers for ELs in ESL and dual language settings (Invitational Priority 1) in the Houston metropolitan area.

    Objective 1.1. Prepare 50 undergraduate pre-service teachers to earn Bilingual Education (BE) or English as a Second Language (ESL) Supplemental certificate.
    Objective 1.2. Prepare 50 paraprofessionals to earn initial certificate along with the BE supplemental certificate.
    Objective 1.3. Prepare 50 graduate students (pre-service or in-service) to earn BE or ESL supplemental certificate.
    Objective 1.4. Assist BE and ESL certification candidates by providing test preparation resources and reimbursing certification-related expenses.

  • Goal 2: Professional Development and Family Engagement

    Goal 2

    Provide professional development in evidence-based instructional practices (Competitive Priority 1) and family engagement (Competitive Priority 2) to novice teachers (0-5 years in the profession) of ELs in ESL and dual language settings (Invitational Priority 1) in the Houston metropolitan area.

    ¡Project Adelante! is one of the 49 projects funded through the 2016 National Professional Development Program through the Office of English Language Acquisition Agency of the US Department of Education.

Project Adelante Scholarship Details

Project Adelante: Freshman Scholarships

The Adelante scholarship is available for undergraduates seeking teacher certification in Bilingual Education OR ESL Education (Up to $7,400 for 2 semesters)

What are the qualifications?
  • Accepted into HBU Educator Prep Program
  • Declared intention to earn English as a Second Language (ESL) or Bilingual Education (BE) certification
  • Demonstrates a high degree of motivation to become a BE or ESL teacher
  • Demonstrates personal potential for successful BE or ESL teaching
  • For BE certification only: Proficient in Spanish
What opportunities will students have that they could not without the program?
  • Tuition assistance for at least two semesters
  • Workshops to help you prepare for teacher certification exams
  • Eligible for reimbursement of certification exam fees*
  • Eligible for reimbursement of certification application fees**
What can I do after the program?
  • Upon completing the Educator Prep Program and passing certification examinations, you will be employable as a teacher in the state of Texas
  • Starting salary for teachers in the Houston area is $50,000 on average
  • Bilingual education teachers are highly recruited by districts; Houston-area school districts pay certified bilingual education teachers annual stipends of $3,000-$5,000
  • ESL certification makes beginning teacher more marketable in job search
What do I need to do to become BE/ESL Certified?
  1. Earn Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Pass Texas Educator Initial Certification Examinations
  3. Pass Supplemental Certification Examinations in BE/ESL

*Bilingual Education: up to $260; ESL: $130. Fees set by TEA/ETS and are subject to change
**Currently $75.00; Fees set by TEA and are subject to change

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How do I get started with the program?

  1. Apply for the university: Freshman Application / Graduate Application
  2. Apply for the ADELANTE scholarship
  3. Apply for admission to HBU Educator Preparation Program