Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

The Master of Arts in Christian Counseling is the first program of its kind in North America. Bringing together the rich theological, spiritual and pastoral care traditions of Christianity with the clinical advances of contemporary psychotherapy and counseling, this degree enables a graduate to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Texas (and states not requiring CACREP program certification).

Along with the MACP, this degree is distinguished by its thorough grounding in a Christian worldview, so that its graduates will be especially equipped to carry out distinctly Christian therapy with Christians, as well as help anyone seeking clinical expertise with Christian love and wisdom.

Our 72-hour MACC program includes 12 hours in Christian worldview studies (biblical studies, theology, and philosophy) and 6 hours of spiritual formation training, as well as the courses required for LPC, all of which are informed by Christian content, resulting in a program unique in the field of counseling: Christ-centered, biblically-rooted, and clinically informed.

*Additional Application Requirements*
In accordance with best practices in the field of psychology/counseling, applicants who meet the requirements specified by the graduate school will be invited to an in-person interview. These interviews and orientation are typically held about once per month and may take up to four hours depending on the applicant pool. Interview spaces are limited, and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, we encourage you to apply early. We remind you that your application must be completed before the deadline.

Top Reasons to Attend HBU’s MACC Program

  1. The first Christian counseling program in North America based on a Christian psychology orientation
  2. 100% pass rate on National Counselor’s Exam on the first attempt for nine years running
  3. The only regionally accredited institution offering Christian Counseling degree in the area
  4. Dedicated, full-time faculty who believe in the open-door policy; wide range of adjunct faculty whose professional experiences are in the fields our students want to join.
  5. Practicum sites across the city and across the spectrum of possible careers (e.g., churches, private practices, hospitals, prisons, community mental health, counseling centers); or create your own!
  6. Small classes – 5 to 25 students, and in the evenings to accommodate students who work full-time
  7. Coursework prepares students to work in exclusively Christian settings, exclusively public mental health settings, and everywhere in between
  8. You’re never just a number – every student is individually advised and individually valued!
  9. A place where faith, values, and counseling come together in conversation, classroom, and practical experiences

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