Master of Arts in Christian Psychology

The Master of Arts in Christian Psychology (MACP) is the first program of its kind in North America. Bringing together the rich theological, spiritual and pastoral care traditions of Christianity with the scientific contributions of contemporary psychology, this degree enables graduates to practice independently in Texas (and some other states) as a Licensed Psychological Associate after a period of supervision. (Most states currently require ongoing supervision with a licensed psychologist, so check the requirements in your state.)

Along with the MACC, this degree is distinguished by its thorough grounding in a Christian worldview, so that its graduates will be especially equipped to carry out Christian therapy with Christians, as well as help anyone seeking clinical expertise with Christian love and wisdom. A distinctive of LPA training is competence in intellectual, personality and psychopathology assessment.

Our 72-hour MACP program includes 12 hours in Christian worldview studies (biblical studies, theology, and philosophy) and 6 hours of spiritual formation training, as well as the courses required for LPA, all of which are informed by Christian content, resulting in a program unique in the field of psychology: Christ-centered, biblically rooted, and clinically informed.

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