Social Studies (7-12) with Teacher Certification and ESL

This major provides content area preparation for students who want to teach social studies in high school, grades 7-12. It includes the study of history, geography, government, economics, psychology and sociology. These subjects are taught as an integrated whole in middle school and not as separate subjects as they are in high school. This major requires 45 hours of content coursework, plus what the School of Education requires for teacher certification. All students must complete the Liberal Arts Core in addition to the below listed coursework. It is a highly competitive and desirable degree in that it allows graduates to teach classes in any of the subjects listed above. In conjunction with your advisor, the degree entails the equivalent of at least 51 credit hours of relevant content coursework.

Pre-Education Requirements: 
EDUC 2320 Learning and Development
EDSP 2302 Survey of Exceptional Children

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Drawing on the subject-specific training and expertise of our faculty, EDUC 4320 provides subject-specific methods of instruction via textbooks, teaching, and assignments aligned with standards for teacher preparation at the state and national levels. Each assignment and assignment rubric is keyed to state and national teacher preparation standards, and allows for collaboration, feedback, practice in teaching via lessons in the college classroom, and fieldwork in local diverse middle/high schools, and supports learning groups. Students enroll in the course section of EDUC 4320 that pertains to their subject.