Teacher Certifications EC-12

Pre-Education Requirements: 
EDUC 2320 Learning and Development
EDSP 2302 Survey of Exceptional Children

  • Spanish (EC-12) with Teacher Certification (residential)
  • EC-12 Art with Teacher Certification  (residential)
  • Kinesiology with (EC-12) Physical Education Teacher Certification (residential)
  • Bachelor of Music Education (BME) in Vocal/Keyboard (not lead to certification, residential)
  • Bachelor of Music Education (BME) in Instrumental (not lead to certification, residential)

Art or PE (Kinesiology) EC-12 Teacher Certifications

These certification programs will prepare you to teach Art or PE to students in all grade levels, from pre-kindergarten through high school.

These certification areas have slightly different Liberal Arts Core and Education Core courses. For example, specific courses are designated as the natural sciences and mathematical components. In addition to the required professional development courses and a full semester of Clinical Teaching (student teaching) in the School of Education, students must complete courses in one of the teaching fields offered at HBU for elementary and secondary grades.

Spanish EC-12 Teacher Certification

To be certified to teach Spanish, candidates must achieve proficiency to pass the Texas TExES Exam (reading, writing and culture) and the BTLPT (speaking) with a rating of “Advanced.” All students must complete the Liberal Arts Core in addition to the listed coursework.

College of Education General Requirements

A cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher on 45 or more hours, a score of 230 or higher on the math section of the THEA, a score of 220 or higher on the writing section of the THEA, and a 230 or higher on the reading section of the THEA, are required to begin the program, as well as a personal interview.

Students must also meet the requirements of the department for Clinical Teaching (Student Teaching), as outlined in the University catalog.

After Graduation

Most graduates are employed in Houston-area schools. Employment opportunities vary according to teaching field.

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