Department of Teaching and Learning Sciences

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Learning is active, engaging and collaborative. Learning is not passive, stagnant or solitary.

Department Overview

In the Department of Teaching and Learning Sciences, we teach future teachers. Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs prepare you to teach in elementary, middle and high schools in public and private schools.

Our department gives you practical, cutting-edge professional learning. It is:

  • Field-based: You will work with children in schools throughout the program (not just at the end, or for one or two semesters).
  • Technology-rich: You will experience a wide range of technology-based learning activities in your courses, and you’ll learn to effectively and creatively use technology as an educator – not just in one technology course, but throughout each program.
  • Personal: You will develop lasting relationships with your professors in our small classes. Professors become professional mentors – not just while you are at HBU, but throughout your educational careers.
  • Focused on Best Practice: Because our faculty practice what they teach (evidence-based practice), students learn to teach well from how they are taught as well as what they are taught.
  • Respected: Our close ties with area schools and our reputation for excellence provides hiring advantages when you graduate and apply for jobs.

We can’t wait to welcome you here. Get the process started now by applying. Our award-winning faculty are talented, compassionate, experienced educators who are:

  • Leaders in the profession, serving as officers and board members of professional organizations
  • Active in local schools, serving on advisory boards, consulting and providing professional learning sessions
  • Presenters at local, state, national and international conferences
  • Authors of curriculum for districts, journal articles, monographs and book chapters

Our graduates have become leaders in their schools and school districts. They have made a difference in the lives of children, and they have received recognition as outstanding educators. They have gone on to be principals, curriculum specialists, school counselors, diagnosticians, superintendents and university professors.

Read more about the active student organizations you may be part of when you come to HBU.

Teacher Preparation Tracks

We offer the following Teacher Preparation Tracks:

  1. Elementary Education (Early Childhood-Grade 6)
  2. Middle, Secondary and All-Level Studies (Grades 4-8, Grades 7-12 and Early Childhood-Grade 12)

Each program prepares students for certification as teachers in the state of Texas. Any student whose goal is to become a teacher must complete requirements in academic foundations (Liberal Arts Core), a teaching field, and professional teacher education. All of the requirements were developed cooperatively by the University faculty, the interdisciplinary Teacher Education Committee, and the College of Education Advisory Council. All programs which lead to certification are approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC).