Department of Special Populations

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We are all special, and so are our students!

Department Overview

Special populations need special attention. In our department, our students have a calling to assist these exceptional students.

The compassion, devotion, patience, and inspiration that are needed to become the educator who will foster a love of learning, a will to persist and overcome difficulties, and a joy for life is nurtured in our coursework, fieldwork, and fellowship.

If you have this high calling, contact us using the information on the right, or apply now.

The Department of Special Populations consists of programs geared towards equipping you for a career in Bilingual Education or Special Education. You can earn your bachelor’s or master’s degree with us.

This department also helps provide necessary coursework if you wish to receive a certificate in Gifted and Talented.

The classes we offer will give you the best preparation because they are:

Personal:  You will forge lasting relationships with your professors, mentor-teachers, and peers within our program. Professors often become professional mentors, not just while you’re at HBU, but throughout your educational career.

Respected: Graduates of HBU who are certified to work with special populations are sought after by area school districts due to the reputation of our programs.

Active, not Passive: During class time, HBU students practice strategies that will be utilized with special needs students in their future teaching positions. Small class sizes allow you to develop your potential as an effective practitioner.

Field-Based: You are placed in area schools to work with mentor teachers and assist them with their special needs students.

Technology-Based: Technology is integrated throughout the program. There is a requirement to keep up-to-date with innovative, interactive tools to further enhance student learning.

If you have the heart of a teacher and an interest in special populations, read more about the degrees we offer below, and then apply.

We can’t wait to see you!

For additional information about field experience, applying to the Teacher Education Program, practice TExES exams, or 504 disability accommodations, please visit our Center for the Preparation of Professional Educators (CPPE) page.

Degrees Offered:

Program Descriptions

Bilingual Education:

Bilingual Elementary Education

The curriculum in bilingual education prepares students to teach in a bilingual setting in early childhood through grade 6. Students learn to teach first and second languages and to teach content material in a bilingual context.

MEd with Specialization in Bilingual Education

This program permits students who possess valid Texas teacher certification in an area other than bilingual education to add a supplemental bilingual certification. It also strengthens the skills of currently certified bilingual teachers.

Supplemental Certification in Bilingual Education

Students possessing valid Texas teacher certification in an area other than bilingual education may add a supplemental bilingual certification without completing the MEd in Bilingual Education.

Special Education:

MEd Curriculum and Instruction with Certification in Special Education

This option leads to both the MEd degree in Curriculum and Instruction and certification in Special Education (EC-12). It prepares educators to teach students with all handicapping conditions on all grade levels.

MEd Educational Diagnostician

Students wishing to earn the MEd degree as an Educational Diagnostician must complete 36 semester hours with no grade less than a “C.” Prior to admission to an educator preparation program leading to the Educational Diagnostician certification, an individual must meet the requirements listed in the course catalog, as dictated by the state guidelines.

Elementary Education with Certification in ESL

This is available as a supplemental certification area that may be added to any teaching certificate. It may also be granted along with an initial EC-6 Core Subjects Certificate by choosing the ESL Certification within the Elementary Education major in the undergraduate program.

Elementary Education with Certification in Special Education

This option is a supplemental certification that may be added to an EC-6 teaching certificate. In the undergraduate program, it may be obtained simultaneously with the EC-6 certificate by choosing the Supplemental Special Education Certification with the Elementary Education major.

Gifted and Talented:

Gifted and Talented Credentialing

This is available as a supplemental certification area that may be added to an EC-6 teaching certificate at the undergraduate level, or any graduate degree program. In the undergraduate program, it may be obtained simultaneously with the EC-6 certificate with the Supplemental Gifted and Talented Certification as part of the Elementary Education major. At the graduate level, students should take EDUC 5325, Educating Gifted Learners, to prepare for the certification exam.

Houston Baptist University’s Gifted and Talented curriculum has been recognized by the Texas Association of Gifted and Talented (TAGT) as meeting the standards for the 45 hours required for the TAGT Awareness Certificate. Students will receive instruction in nature and needs of the GT, identification and assessment, social and emotional needs, creativity and instructional strategies, and how to design a differentiated curriculum.

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