Psychology (BA and Minor)(100% Online and Residential)

HBU offers a quality undergraduate psychology program. The program sets high and clear expectations, promotes active learning, and provides students with timely feedback on their progress. Students who major in psychology can expect a balanced curriculum that includes a required introductory course, methodology courses, advanced content courses and an integrating capstone experience. Students who minor in psychology can expect to take core courses that are foundational to each discipline. Furthermore, the elective offerings within the psychology minor allow students to tailor their learning in a way that best complements their chosen major. By providing multiple settings for learning, including classroom, computer laboratory, informal and formal contacts with faculty and peers, field placement, externships and co-curricular activities (e.g. Psi Chi honor society), the undergraduate psychology program produces graduates who think scientifically, speak and write well, and respect and appreciate others.

Advantages and Opportunities

Coursework in psychology provides much of the liberal arts foundation you will receive at HBU – a foundation that will prepare you for many different career fields by teaching you interpersonal, analytical, and critical-thinking skills required in any professional environment. But more importantly, these courses will lead you to a higher wisdom in understanding life, people and the world around you.


This program allows you to choose a specialty area in which you can gain specialized knowledge. The choices include: Christian Counseling and Marriage and Family Studies. The BA Psychology program with these two specialties is also offered 100% online.

Degree Plan: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (General)

Degree Plan (Online Only): Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Christian Counseling Track

View the Online BA – Psychology Christian Counseling Track

Degree Plan: Marriage and Family Studies

Degree Plan: Minor in Psychology

After Graduation

The bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology does not prepare the graduate for immediate placement as a professional psychologist. Consequently, students who wish to become professional psychologists must be prepared to do graduate study. HBU offers a variety of different graduate degrees that prepare students for careers within the field of psychology.

What Next?

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