Psychology 5-Year Bachelors to Masters (BA to MAP)

(100% Online and Residential)

The Accelerated MAP offers the same critical examination of the field of psychology as the standard undergraduate track, but also provides the student the opportunity to begin working toward a Masters of Arts in Psychology during their senior year. Students who are accepted into this degree plan will complete two graduate level courses during their final semester as an undergraduate.

This degree plan allows students to complete both a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as well as a Master of Arts in Psychology in a five-year period. This program provides students with an excellent opportunity to start a terminal degree in psychology a full year sooner than the traditional track. Students cannot choose this program as Freshman, but can apply once they reach Sophomore status.

Psychology Careers and Opportunities

Graduates with a bachelors and masters in psychology have the foundational methodology and experience for many different career fields. The accelerated psychology masters prepares graduates for immediate employment in a range of professional environments including community college teaching, law enforcement agencies, and private industry.

Obtaining and bachelors and masters in psychology does not provide training that leads to licensure, which is required for independent practice. Psychology students seeking to be licensed as a professional psychologist or counselor should enroll in one of our graduate degrees which meets the state requirements for licensure:

Degree Plan: Accelerated Master of Psychology (BA to MAP)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format documentPsychology Major Requirements: Accelerated MAP track (Undergraduate)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format documentPsychology Major Requirements: Accelerated MAP track (Graduate)

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