Master of Psychology

Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP)
HBU’s Master of Psychology Programs

Seeking an MA in psychology? HBU’s Master of Arts in Psychology prepares students to master psychology skills through three Master of Psychology program tracks. Students can choose from the following options:

Master of Psychology Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Psychology-General serves three broad groups:

  • students who wish to acquire knowledge in psychology to advance an already established career path
  • students who have an interest in future doctoral level training, but who need additional preparation to apply competitively for such a program
  • students who have a general interest in learning more about psychology and human behavior

Psychology Program Requirements

This degree program is 37 hours of graduate coursework. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and complete all courses with a grade of “C” or higher.

**Note: Those entering the program will be required to take PSYC 5300 General Psychology, PSYC 5301 Introduction to Statistics in Behavioral Sciences and PSYC 5302 Abnormal Psychology their first semester, if they have not acquired a “B” or higher in their undergraduate classes with credits less than seven years old.

Master of Arts in Psychology Degree Plan

Advantages and Opportunities: Careers in Psychology

Graduates with a Master of Arts in Psychology may obtain employment in a range of settings including community college teaching, law enforcement agencies and private industry. The Master of Arts in Psychology does not provide training that leads to licensure, and therefore, does not lead to independent practice.

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Top Ten Reasons to get your Master of Psychology at HBU

  1. The Christian environment at Houston Baptist University affirms all persons in and out of the classroom and facilitates high standards in one’s personal code of conduct
  2. The convenience and flexibility of course offerings make it possible for students to work full-time and still carry a full-time course load
  3. There is a low student/professor ratio which allows for students to receive individual attention and mentoring
  4. The wide range of coursework that students are required to take is conducive to students narrowing their focus within the field of psychology
  5. The courses are taught by doctoral-level professors and professionals in the field of psychology
  6. Students who are admitted to the program have an opportunity to conduct, present and publish original research
  7. The program prepares students for doctoral study in psychology
  8. HBU’s beautiful, serene campus is nestled within a flourishing international city
  9. The program prepares students for admittance to graduate programs leading to licensure
  10. The program is designed to value, appreciate and develop students’ unique gifts and talents