Elementary Education (EC-6) with All Level Special Education Certification

Elementary Education (EC-6) with All-Level Special Education Certification

This degree prepares educators to teach early childhood  through grade six (EC-6), as well as students with exceptionalities on all grade levels (EC-12). Graduates of this program also gain the opportunity to obtain a certificate in Gifted and Talented upon completion of the Educating Gifted Learners class, which has been recognized by TAG as meeting the 45-hour requirement.

Course Listing

Course No. Course Name
MATH 1305 Math for Critical Thinking or higher
MATH 2302 Foundations for Arithmetic and Numeration
MATH 2303 Foundations of Geometry, Measurement, Probability, and Statistics


EDUC 2320 Learning and Development
EDUC 2330 Foundations of American Educational Thought



EDEC 4313 Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Education
EDRE 4320 Teaching Reading Through Children’s Literature
EDRE 4350 Reading and the Language Arts
EDRE 4360 Developing and Teaching Literacy
EDRE 4351 Emergent Literacy
INDC 4160 Wellness & Fitness for Children
INDC 4385 Essential Elements of Fine Arts
EDBI 4304 Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language
EDBI 4305 Second Language Acquisition
EDUC 4100 TExES State Certification Exam Preparation Seminar
INDC 4350 Essential Elements of Science
INDC 4360 Essential Elements of Math
INDC 4380 Essential Elements of Social Studies
EDUC 4301 Curriculum & Instruction for Elementary School
ETEC 4306 Educational Applications of Technology
EDUC 4471 Student Teaching in the EC-6 Classroom
EDUC 4472 Student Teaching in Special Education
EDUC 4400 Student Teaching Seminar
EDSP 4352 Behavior and Classroom Management
EDSP 4353  Field Experiences in Special Education
EDSP 4302 Survey of Exceptional Children
EDSP 4319 Teaching Strategies in Special Education
EDSP 4325 Educating Gifted Learners
EDSP 4311 Diagnostic and Prescriptive Teaching for Exceptional Children