Master of Education (MEd) with Specialization in Curriculum & Instruction with Instructional Technology – Online

Program Overview

Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization in Instructional Technology (36-hour program)

This program of study provides students with the tools and experience they need to use technology as a tool for teaching and learning. Students do not have to be technology experts to enter this program. Each course will provide the scaffolding to each student so that they are successful integrators and users of technology. Students in this program will progress through 21 hours of technology-related coursework. Each of the courses requires the student to create technology-rich lessons and units of instruction that can be applied directly to the classroom. They will be challenged to become school leaders in the area of technology integration and curriculum innovation. Students will create electronic portfolios that will follow them throughout their 36-hour program. It will include artifacts and projects from their coursework such as: stop-motion animation, web 2.0 tools, digital storytelling, podcasting, website-building, and blogging.

Graduates from this program often move on to be instructional leaders on their campuses or in their school districts, but they are also equipped to be 21st-century teachers. For those with three years of teaching experience as a certified teacher in an accredited school, there is the additional possibility of earning the Master Technology Teacher certification.


Course Syllabi

EDUC 6304 Children, Adolescents, and Learning 3
EDUC 6315 American Educational Reform 3
EDUC 6320 Research Techniques and Procedures 3
EDUC 5302 Multimedia Instructional Strategies 3
EDUC 5305 Technology Enhanced Instructional Design 3
EDUC 5306 Educational Applications of Technology 3
EDUC 6307 Design of Print Based Media 3
EDUC 6308 Distance Learning 3
EDUC 6322 Curriculum and Instruction: K-12 3
EDUC 6330 Teaching Methodology for the Professional 3
EDAD 5319 Internet Resource Management 3
EDAD 5320 Systems Thinking: Theory and Application 3


Participants in this program of study do not have to be a certified teacher. The Curriculum and Instruction degree in Instructional Technology is a 36-hour program. After a student has completed at least 18 hours in the program, he or she is eligible to take a course that requires the HBU student to become a technology coach for three teachers on campus. They work with these teachers outside of their contract hours to facilitate integration of technology into their lessons. The HBU student is required to invest at least 15 hours in each of the three teachers. Research shows that one-on-one coaching is the most effective way to increase a teacher’s technical and pedagogical literacy.

Students will be recommended for graduation after successful completion of coursework (with no grade lower than a C), and successful completion of the comprehensive exams. If the student is seeking the Master Technology Teacher certification, then he or she will need to document three years of teaching in an accredited school. Certification will be granted when the student passes the TExES MAT exam.

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