Master of Education in Professional School Counseling
Master of Education Counseling Program Overview

The professional school counselor today is a vital member of the educational team on each campus. They guide students and parents through the educational process and act as partners with the teachers on their campus. Their goal is to facilitate student learning and success for all students in the areas of academic achievement, behavioral, emotional, and social development, and college/career development. They are uniquely trained and qualified from a theoretical and developmental framework to make the difference for all children and students as they become the productive, well-adjusted individuals of tomorrow. This degree prepares interested individuals to meet the state requirements to become a certified school counselor.


In order to enter this program, the graduate student needs to have completed two years of teaching in a TEA accredited school setting, pre-kinder to 12th grade. This degree program is 48 hours of graduate coursework. Students must complete all courses with a grade of “C” or higher, and successfully complete a comprehensive exam. Students must additionally complete a practicum and internship, consisting of a minimum of 400 clinical hours, in a University-approved school setting.

In addition to completing the course work, traditional steps are required to obtain certification. First the student must complete their degree in counseling and successfully complete the required state certification exam, TExES 152. A copy of their service record or teaching record must be submitted to our CoEBS’ Office of Certification. Finally the CoEBS Certification Officer provides an approval for state certification by TEA.

Degree Plan: Master of Education in Professional School Counseling

Additional Application Requirements

In accordance with best practices in the field of mental health counseling, applicants who meet the requirements specified by the graduate school will be invited to an interview and orientation. These interviews are typically held about once per month, and may take up to three hours depending on the applicant pool. Interview spaces are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, we encourage you to apply early.  We remind you to turn in your application before the deadlines set for the semester to which you are applying.