Elementary Education Degrees
(Early Childhood Education Degrees)

What is an Elementary Education Major?

Educators with elementary education degrees can teach students from kindergarten through sixth grade. An elementary education major will obtain the professional skills and accredited credentials that are required work in early childhood education. Graduates with a degree in elementary education are qualified to teach all subjects to a diverse audience of learners.

HBU’s Degree in Elementary Education

Houston Baptist University offers multiple early childhood education degrees tailored to developing truly professional teachers who work in public and private early childhood and elementary school teaching positions. Our elementary education degrees build upon a strong liberal arts foundation with coursework in academic foundations, professional teacher education, and training in a specific field. Graduates are fully prepared for elementary education certification and jobs in elementary education with their elementary school teacher degree.

Bachelor in Elementary Education Degrees

HBU offers three bachelor of science in elementary education degrees through the Teaching and Learning Sciences department in our education college:

  • Elementary Education (EC-6) with ESL (BS): This certification permits one to teach all subjects in general education classrooms from early childhood through grade six. This major includes English as a Second Language (ESL) coursework sufficient to sit for supplemental ESL certification.
  • Elementary Education (EC-6) with Special Education Certification and ESL (BS): This certification permits one to teach all subjects in a “regular” education classroom from early childhood through grade six as well as special education (life skills, resource, Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities, etc.) at those levels.
  • Elementary Education (EC-6) with Bilingual Certification (BS): This certification permits one to teach all subjects in bilingual, dual language, and general education with ESL classrooms from early childhood through grade six. Students learn to help children develop first and second language proficiency and learn to teach content material in a bilingual (English and Spanish) context. Students must already be proficient in Spanish.

For more information about certification requirements, visit Teacher Certifications under Elementary Education EC-6.