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Christianity in Business: Applying Biblical Values in the Marketplace ($18.95 plus shipping & handling)

Edited by Ernest P. Liang

Christianity in Business: Applying Biblical Values in Business

Jesus exhorts his followers to be “salt and light” in a world of spiritual darkness and moral decay. How should Christians answer Jesus’ call as they engage the world of commerce, a God-ordained system where righteous discipline must compete against fleshly interests?

The collection of essays in this inaugural title of the Biblical Worldview and the Marketplace series offers some valuable insights from leading thinkers on the theme of work-faith integration. Readers will be awakened to the how and why the “good works” of marketplace Christians can testify to the amazing difference Christ makes in our lives and be more convinced that business for the Christian cannot be merely a way of making a living; it is a way of life in the Kingdom of God.

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Christian Business Review 2019: Workplace Practices That Glorify God (Issue 8) – PRINTED VERSION ($8.00 plus shipping & handling)

In this issue…

Living Cases: A Yielded Life (by Michael L. Kern, III)

  • A yielded life is a blessed life for the people of faith

Business for the Glory of God (by Wayne Grudem)

  • How imitating God defines the true purpose of business

Witnessing at Work: When It’s Taboo to Talk about Religion (by Michael Cafferky)

  • A guide to witnessing at work using the language of business

Taking Ownership While Giving Glory to God (by Matthew Wilson)

  • Perspectives on taking ownership in work efforts from a Christian worldview

Supply Chain Management: Perspectives from Christian Ethics (by Joshua Strakos, Blaine McCormick, and Matthew Douglas)

  • A Christian ethical approach to understanding how operators in the modern supply chain can add meaning in God’s Kingdom

Imago Dei: How Accountants Glorify God (by Susan Van Weelden and Laurie George Busuttil)

  • A framework for the accounting profession from the perspective of the Imago Dei

Christian Influence on Culture: Building Shalom in the Marketing Workplace (by Mary Ann Harris and Laureen Mgrdichian)

  • How Christian marketers can make a difference for God in the challenging marketing communications industry

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