The Biblical Purpose of Wealth (Interview w/ Dr. John Thornton)


On this episode, Dr. John Thornton shares lessons about wealth from Luke 16:1-13, the Parable of the Shrewd Servant, and what he calls the “Rich Right Plan.”

John is the L.P. and Bobbi Leung Chair of Accounting Ethics at Azusa Pacific University’s L.P. and Timothy Leung School of Accounting. He hosts the soon-to-launch Getting Rich Right podcast ( with Moody’s Gary Chapman Team, and is the author of Jesus’ Terrible Financial Advice: Flipping the Tables on Peace, Prosperity, and the Pursuit of Happiness (Moody Publishers 2017).

A CPA with a PhD in accounting, John has served as Chair of the American Accounting Association’s Public Interest Section, and Chair of the AAA’s Professionalism and Ethics Committee. His research on auditor independence, auditor litigation, and ethical whistle-blowing has been published in top academic journals, including Accounting, Organizations & Society, Advances in the Public Interest, Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting, and Managerial Auditing Journal.  John’s TEDx Talk, “Flipping Rich,” is one of several innovative ways he encourages people to handle wealth with integrity.