Government Major

Political Science Major (BA and minor)

Our Political Science major is designed to help you understand the big ideas that shaped our nation, the importance of our founding documents, and the way our political system works.  Our Political Science major has three important aspects that will benefit you.

First, you’ll read some of the greatest thinkers and writers who have influenced our political system. You’ll explore the classic works of ancient thinkers like Plato, Aristotle and Cicero. You’ll see the influence of the Middle Ages by reading Augustine and Aquinas. Then, you’ll read great books that helped build our nation. These include books written by John Locke, Montesquieu, Blackstone, the Founding Fathers, Tocqueville and many more. By the time you finish our Political Science program, you’ll be well-versed on the big ideas that shaped our country and still influence our political system.

You’ll also get to know our founding documents very well. All of our students take a basic class on the content of the Constitution, where you’ll explore the document line-by-line, discuss the intent of the Founding Fathers and explore the implications for modern politics. You can take classes that focus on the intellectual origins of the American Founding where you’ll read things like the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address. In our Constitutional Law class, you’ll study famous court cases and develop an understanding of jurisprudence, the Court’s decision, and the impact of those cases. And we have a number of new and exciting law classes for students interested in going to law school.

Finally, all of our Political Science major courses are designed to enhance your analytic and communication skills. All of our classes require a substantial amount of reading, writing and discussion. As a Political Science major, we’ll help sharpen your ability to synthesize data, explain complex theories and ideas and communicate effectively. We’ll help prepare you for a career in law, politics, public service or business. The study of Political Science is more than just current events and politics. It’s about formulating a worldview, wanting to be an advocate for change and having the skills to make it happen.

Testimonies from Recent Political Science Degree Graduates

“The government program at HBU not only provided me a strong understanding of American government and politics, it challenged me to develop my writing and critical-thinking skills.” – Rachel David, BA Government 2009, Deputy Regional Director – Southeast Texas, U.S. Senator John Cornyn

“My government degree at HBU helped prepare me for my current position as an enrollment specialist for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Thanks to the intensive writing courses required for my degree, I learned how to think critically, sift through relevant information, and do original research, which is a prerequisite at BBBS.” – Mayra Conejo, BA Government 2010, Enrollment Specialist for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America

“Graduating from the Government program at Houston Baptist University allowed me to learn the fundamentals of our court system, which has been beneficial to me in starting my legal career.” – Kourtney Collins, BA Government 2013, Paralegal for the New York City Law Department

“Studying in the Government program at Houston Baptist University has been a great investment for me. The courses I am taking provide the intellectual and practical knowledge I need to pursue my interest in politics as well as hone key communication skills. The program balances study of the foundations of American political order with applying that background to understand current American political developments.” – Joshua Jones, Senior, BA Government 2014, Intern in Senator Ted Cruz’s Office

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