Morris Family Center for Law & Liberty

The Morris Family Center for Law & Liberty is an initiative of HBU’s School of Humanities, and is made possible through a generous gift by University founding father, Dr. Stewart Morris, Sr. The Center’s mission is to promote among our students and fellow Texans an appreciation of American history and an understanding of our nation’s founding principles.

We want our young people to understand that no matter what you look like, where you are from, or who your parents are, that the United States provides more opportunity for personal growth and development than any other nation in the world because of its foundation in the rule of law, its commitment to individual liberty, and the benefits of a free market system.

To house the Center and its academic programs, we are constructing on our campus a three building complex with the main building modeled after Independence Hall in Philadelphia. This complex structure will house classes related to the Center’s mission and our academic programs, such as faculty lectures, guest speakers, and teacher workshops.

Independence Hall at HBU will also serve the greater Houston area. The building will become a fieldtrip destination for area schools, a conference center for civics groups and the business community, and a place for us to host educational events for the community. We want every elementary school in the Houston area to visit Independence Hall at HBU. What a great opportunity for us to tell school kids the story of America while imparting the wisdom of our nation’s Founders!

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