Finance Major

Finance (BBA)

Finance is one of the basic functions of our private enterprise system. 

Finance is a broad field with a wide variety of tasks and functions involving the analysis, planning, implementation, and control of financial aspects of corporations and corporate programs of all sizes. Finance represents the core discipline in banks and other financial institutions. In addition, fee-based financial planning and asset management are rapidly expanding areas of specialization.

Finance study prepares students for rewarding careers in all types of business organizations: financial institutions, manufacturing firms, service firms and non-profit organizations. All these organizations need the kinds of skills and knowledge provided by a finance graduate.

The Finance area at HBU includes the study of securities markets and financial systems, investments, and corporate finance. In addition to these traditional areas, it includes the study of modern developments in derivative securities, financial modeling, and international markets and corporate finance. Our classes are small. Students are taught and mentored by professors who have rich real-world work experiences. Our program prepares students by giving them an academic foundation along with guidance and internships for real-world application.

Advantages and Opportunities

Opportunities in the field of finance are numerous. Finance is viewed as the training ground for top management in the modern corporation. Studies have shown that most top executives have come from the finance area. Beginning salaries usually rank only slightly below those for engineering and chemistry and are comparable to other business disciplines. Many finance positions are either fee-based or commission-based, and offer unlimited earning potential.

After Graduation

Listed below are career options commonly associated with finance and financial training.

  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Corporate Controller
  • Corporate Staff Analyst
  • Bank Executive
  • Bank Loan Officer
  • Savings and Loan Executive
  • Savings and Loan Officer
  • Investment Banker
  • Investment Account Executive
  • Financial Planning Consultant


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