Accounting Major

Accounting (BBA)

Why should you study Accounting?

Accounting is the language of business. At HBU, our accounting majors study a variety of accounting specialties including financial accounting, management accounting, taxation accounting, audit and assurance controls, and accounting information systems. This broad spectrum provides our students the skills needed in the marketplace.

In addition to preparing students academically, the school also prepares students for life in the accounting profession. The curriculum provides students with extensive experience in working in groups, problem-solving and critical thinking, which are vital for a career in accounting.

The school also utilizes its professional network to invite a variety of business professionals to campus. When these guests provide guest lectures, perform mock interviews, and review resumes, our students learn about the real world from accounting professionals. In addition, many of our students obtain internships and full-time positions with major international, regional, and local accounting firms.

After Graduation

Students who graduate with a degree in accounting are prepared to go directly into the work force or to enter a graduate program in business. In addition, accountants are frequently expected to demonstrate their technical competence by earning a professional certification.

Students who are focused on taking the CPA examination must meet a complex set of government qualifications. The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy lists and explains them here:

A faculty advisor meets with each student to prepare an individualized and personalized plan for meeting these requirements. As the requirements evolve, the faculty advisor continues to meet with each student to modify his or her plan.

Students who are focused on other professional certifications can request similar meetings with their faculty advisors. Many accounting students with interests in personal financial planning and wealth management, for instance, may pursue the Certified Financial Planner or Personal Financial Specialist designation.

Likewise, those who are focused on management accounting may pursue the Certified Management Accountant or Chartered Global Management Accountant designation. And those with an interest in taxation may become Enrolled Agents with the Internal Revenue Service.

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