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Career Fair: The Student Perspective

Editorial Note: We are delighted to welcome this contribution by students Alan Do and Colin Hall to our blog series about the Career Fair. The event serves as a public kick-off of a full year of career development activities.

It’s not every day that you get to see students on campus who are fully dressed in professional attire! That is why it was an especially momentous occasion when the day of the Business Career Fair finally arrived. It is but one of many major opportunities that are available for students to “put their best self forward,” and to connect with potential future employers.

The Career Fair took place in McNair Hall. Even the moments leading up to its opening were filled with energy! That is a testament to the significance of this event. Controlling their excitement, students respected the formality of the event and the importance of first impressions; we knew to conduct ourselves appropriately upon entering.

What is the best aspect of the Career Fair? Perhaps it is that it is up to the student to decide what to do. In the nearby Belin Chapel, for instance, we could attend an informative presentation by a representative of Mutual of Omaha! Nevertheless, students who wanted to “run straight for the booths” could do so at their own leisure after signing in and grabbing a name-tag for easy identification.

It might be unnerving for some to walk up to a booth in an unfamiliar environment, especially if it is their first Career Fair.  However, it typically does not take long for students to warm up to the representatives, and to end up having a fun, friendly, and engaging conversation. With a focus on career-related discussion, we enjoyed this perfect opportunity to gather insight about our preferred industries. Students and representatives exchanged a variety of information, including resumes, business cards, and LinkedIn profiles. These exchanges laid the groundwork for follow-up correspondence.

As the Career Fair wound down, students made their farewells and reflected on what they learned. Typically, towards the end of the Fair, students finally realize one of its greatest benefits: the ability to take pride in getting one’s name “out there.” It is, quite possibly, one of the most important first steps in starting one’s career.

by Alan Do & Colin Hall

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