Prospective Student Events FAQ

How will social distancing be practiced during the event?
For each event held on campus, we will take the necessary steps to ensure our set up is properly spaced as well as ensuring everyone is six feet apart when sitting or interacting.

Is there a capacity on how many people can attend events due to this pandemic?
Yes, according to CDC guidelines as well as guidelines enforced by our Husky Strong Task Force, we will limit guests to accommodate effective social distancing.

Will events be held strictly online or on campus?
Some of our events will be held on campus using the density, defense, and disinfect guidelines (see Husky Strong Task Force website).  Others will be held online. We also have hybrid models for some events.

How will HBU ensure the health and safety of the guests?
HBU has implemented aggressive protocols for density, defense and disinfection. We will ensure our guests are limited in number, everyone is properly using personal protective equipment (PPE), and perform high-touch cleaning of areas throughout the event.

Will I be able to meet with faculty or staff members?
There will be no in person appointments. All meetings will be scheduled via Zoom; however, if the event is held on campus, we will allow interactions with social distancing consideration.

How many people can I bring to attend the event with me?
Only one guest can attend the event with the visiting student.

Will there be refreshments at the event?
If refreshments are offered, they will be prepackaged and given out to guests by a server who is wearing proper PPE.

How will I check in for the event?
Upon arrival or one mile away, the student and their single guest will complete a self-service check-in by geofencing or through the scanning of a QR code.

If I have any documents to turn in, what are the precautions?
A staff member will put on a pair of gloves to receive the items and store the documents in a drop box that will not be touched for 72 hours.

What should I bring with me to an event?
Bring a mask and any documentation you may need to submit.

Are face coverings required?
Yes, while on campus, a face covering should always be worn.

Will there be any hand-to-hand contact?
There should be no physical contact between anyone. If any documentation needs to be given to a staff or faculty member, gloves will be used to ensure safety.