Homeschool Freshman Student Admission

Homeschool freshmen are students whose primary or secondary level education has been conducted at home in their community overseen by their parents or parentally designated other, rather than in a public or private institutional school setting.


HBU has been named #7 on the list of “The 25 Best Colleges for Homeschool Graduates” by Each year, several homeschool students choose to attend HBU. It is HBU’s goal to make the application process as easy as possible and we hope you will join our community of faith and scholarship!

Homeschool Admissions Checklist:

Consideration for admission to Houston Baptist University is determined by competitive scores on the SAT,  ACT, or CLT and by strong high school/homeschool performance.

If you are applying to HBU as a freshman and homeschool graduate, you will need to submit the following to the Office of Admissions:


Application Procedure

  • Apply to HBU
  • Submit Your Homeschool Transcript
    • An official homeschool transcript must be mailed directly to Houston Baptist University. A listing of courses completed and the grades earned in each course should be provided by the primary instructor. It is not required to have the transcript notarized.
  • Submit Official SAT, ACT, or CLT Scores

    If your SAT, ACT, or CLT scores are included on the back of your transcript, HBU will take those scores as official. If the scores are not included, and if you didn’t select HBU as one of the schools to have your scores automatically sent to, please go to the appropriate website below to have your scores sent our way!

Additional Resources for Homeschool Freshmen:

The following are items of interest for Homeschool Freshmen. These items include tools, forms, information and tips to help you during and after your application process.

*Still in High School but eager to get a head-start on earning college credits? Check out The Academy, HBU’s homeschool dual enrollment program.

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