CAPP Glossary of Terms

Area An area represents each major component of a degree program, such as Reading Proficiency, Smith College, or Major.
Attribute An attribute identifies specific characteristics of a course that can be used to satisfy a specific requirement .
CAPP Acronym for the Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning tool. CAPP tracks a student’s progress towards completion of their degree program.
Catalog Term This term reflects the year of the catalog in which a student bases the requirements of their degree on.  This term coincides with the term in which the student filed their most recent Declaration and/or Change of Major form.
Connectors “And” and “Or” are the types of connectors used in CAPP. These connectors are used when defining detail requirements for Areas and Groups. They allow combinations such as the number of credits and/or courses required.
Curriculum The programs offered at HBU are what constitute the curriculum. These include such basics as level, degree, and major.
Degree Evaluation A degree evaluation is the process of running an evaluation online via WebCAPP. This degree evaluation checks coursework taken and in progress against degree requirements and generates a report.
Evaluation Term This term reflects the term for which the degree evaluation was generated.
Exception An exception reflects any changes, such as waivers or substitutions, applied to your degree program. This allows CAPP to individualize your specific program.
In Progress In progress courses are courses a student is currently enrolled in.  In-progress courses will have a source code of “R” on the evaluation.  CAPP assumes you will successfully complete the courses for which you are currently registered and that none of these is a duplicate or exceeds the maximum allowed toward degree requirements.
Met “Met” indicates that the requirements for a program or area have been completed.
Not Met “Not Met” indicates that the requirements for a program or area have not been completed.
Program Program reflects the specific degree the student is working toward completing.
Program GPA Current grade point average for all courses in the program that were taken at HBU.
Requirements Requirements list the detailed specifics that each program or area requires. Requirements can be things such as specific grades allowed, maximum number of courses, and minimum GPA’s. The Smith College requirements, major requirements, and other university requirements are broken down into specific pieces known as area and/or group requirements. Each area requirement is independent and must be satisfactorily completed. The requirements are not completely satisfied if any individual area requirement is deficient and is marked “Not Met”.
Result as of: This is the date the degree evaluation was generated.
Rule A rule is used to handle complicated requirements such as: Selecting three courses from a list of ten courses; selecting one course from a list of possible courses, etc.
Used Used indicates the number of credits used for the degree evaluation. This will includes in-progress courses.
Unused Unused indicates the number of credits not used for the degree evaluation.
WebCAPP This is the online version of CAPP that allows students and advisors to view past compliances, or run a new compliance based on current student data.