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Search the Library’s Classic catalog to find books, E-books, music, DVD’s, CDs, journals on microfiche or bound, and more.  Use one of the methods below to search for your desired title, keyword, number, etc.

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Mobile App – Library to go!

Bookmyne logo. Bookmyne is the library's mobile app for smartphones.

UPDATE: iOS 14 broke the BookMyne app for iPhones. The Android version is still usable. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update you when the app has been fixed. (20201027)


Have you tried our mobile app? It is available for iPhones and Android! You can also search Houston Public Library, Harris County Public Library, and Fondren Library at Rice University! If this won’t work, you can also visit OCLC’s WorldCat to search for something that HBU Moody Library may not have. This option will check for your material literally anywhere in the world. By setting your zip code on the results, you can see who has your item starting with the nearest library to your location and working its way out. Be sure to get a TexShare so you can drive to that library and check out your item if it is urgently needed!

Need Help with Your Research Paper?

The library has created a research paper help guide to walk you methodically through the development of your assignment. The optimal word is research. From the main page, you can dive into whatever section you need day or night, on or off-campus. This guide is divided into seven sections and includes 68 brief videos and tutorials designed by librarians to guide your thinking and approaches to your research.  Don’t forget about the writing services  available from HBU’s outstanding Academic Success Center to blend your research into a well-written project. Their writing services are offered both in person and online (call 281-649-3226 for more). The librarians and the ASC have the resources and skills to help your do your best!