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Library Book Sale Coming Tomorrow!

The library will be having a Spring Book Sale tomorrow on the library’s second floor from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Nothing over $2.00! Paperbacks for .$0.25-$1.00. Hardbacks for $2.00. CDs for $1.00. Something for everyone!

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New Research Paper Support Page!

Library Book room

The library has created a new research paper help guide to walk you methodically through the development of your assignment. There is even a section for faculty and how they use these modules in Blackboard. The optimal word is research. You can dive into whatever section you need day or night, on or off-campus. This guide is divided into seven sections and includes 68 brief videos and tutorials designed by librarians to guide your thinking and approaches to your research.  Don’t forget about the writing services  available from HBU’s outstanding Academic Success Center to blend your research into a well-written project. Their writing services are offered both in person and online (call 281-649-3226 for more). The librarians and the ASC have the resources and skills to help your do your best!

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Know Your Resources:


JSTOR provides access to more than 12 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines. JSTOR began in 1994 to help university libraries save space by converting printed scholarly journals into electronic form. Users will not find as many recent articles as they will find archival content from six months ago and farther back. Did you know that:

  • Is interdisciplinary? It’s strongest areas are education, biology, classical studies, economics, history, language and literature, Middle Eastern Studies, religion, political sciences, philosophy, and sociology, but there are many others subjects!
  • Users can create their own personalized account where they can save articles and use some of JSTOR’s innovative features?
  • JSTOR has its own thesaurus to provide new ways to explore and find content and narrow a search within a subject area?
  • JSTOR has a new Text Analyzer where you can upload your own text to search for related journal content?
  • JSTOR supports data and text mining?
  • JSTOR has early journal content including U.S. content published before 1923 and non-U.S. content published prior to 1870? Here are two great examples: “A letter by Benjamin Franklin, Esq, concerning an electrical kite” and “”A letter of Mr. Isaac Newton containing his new theory about light and colors.”

Last updated: 20181022

Did you know…

  • that you can text the library a question via your phone? Send questions to 518-633-4687!
  • that HBU Answers has over 800 questions about a wide-range of HBU issues (not just library-related)? It works great on cell phones!
  • that Moody Library is named for William L. Moody of Galveston? The foundation named for him is behind Moody Gardens. No, neither the library nor Mr. Moody have any connection with Dwight L. Moody!
  • that faculty can create reading lists including database articles and E-books for their courses quite easily using Curriculum Builder from inside Blackboard? Faculty can visit the brief tutorial to see how easy it is!
  • that the library subscribes to the print version of the Wall Street Journal for business to check stock details? It is located at the Circulation Desk but you will need to leave your ID to use.