Faculty Focus

Not Just Teaching – Collaborating

At HBU you’ll find a deep-rooted culture of faculty-student interaction, collaboration and mentoring. Whether it’s in the classroom or during office hours, our professors do more than teach lessons. They work with their students to prepare them for whatever may lie ahead. Our students see this firsthand in each and every class they attend. And seeing it for yourself is as easy as sitting in on a class during your next campus visit. You’ll observe the skill with which HBU faculty engage students in dynamic debate and encourage them to stretch their imaginations by facilitating creative and innovative thinking. You’ll also see a classroom environment that prepares students to collaborate and lead rather than simply listen and follow instructions.

Their Motivation? Your Success.

Don’t be surprised when our faculty call you by name at the end of your first class or email you a semester later to share internship, job or graduate school opportunities. It’s not just because our student/teacher ration of 15 to 1 allows for small, intimate class sizes. Our faculty teaches because teaching is their passion. They are respected academicians, researchers, well-recognized educators and active industry consultants in many different fields. And they want to see their students write successful life stories of their own.

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Faculty Discounts

HBU Students, Faculty and Staff receive discounts with their HBU ID’s from various merchants.

Institute of Christianity and Scholarship

The Institute strives to equip faculty and staff with Christcentric material and learning opportunities as they integrate the Christ-centered vision of the University in their classrooms and offices.

Culture Influencers

Learn more about Universitywide faculty achievements. You can also submit your own achievements through this link.

Video Portal

HBU staff and faculty can access the video portal that features numerous videos related to academic technology. Requires One login.

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