Computer Proficiency Exam

Contact your advisor for more information about this exam.


  • Starting in the Fall 2009, all incoming Freshman (and transfer students who do not have a HBU approved transfer equivalency for CISM 1321) will be required to either take the Computer Proficiency Exam (CPE) or enroll in CISM 1321 – Introduction to Computer Applications in order to satisfy HBU’s computer proficiency requirement.
  • The CPE should be taken during the Freshman’s (and required transfer students) first three terms upon enrollment at HBU. Transfer students without the transfer equivalency for CISM 1321 should take the CPE during the first semester at HBU; it must be taken before the degree plan can be filed.
  • For guidance or questions in regards to the Computer Proficiency requirement students should contact their advisors for recommendations.
  • The student will be allowed to take the CPE a maximum of two times.
  • A student who does not take and/or pass the CPE during the specified time will be required to take CISM 1321.
  • The student must pass the CPE prior to the last day to register for CISM 1321 in their second or third term depending on class availability.
  • The student will purchase a Registration Key Code from the HBU Bookstore for $37.95 for each CPE Exam.
  • The CPE is an online Exam that the student can take at anytime using a computer that has a high speed internet connection and the Adobe Flash Plugin & Shockwave Plugin installed. The computer is not required to have Microsoft Office 2007 installed.
  • The student CPE grade (passing or failing) will be reported back to the student via the Computer Proficiency Exam site and will be available to the advisor via Huskynet weekly.


  • The CPE is a 90 minute simulated hands-on computer Exam that covers the concepts in Microsoft Office 2010 – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The practice exam is provided to show you how the simulation works.
  • The student will receive a passing grade if he/she scores 70% or more.
  • If the student fails the exam, he/she will have to purchase a second Registration Key Code at the HBU Bookstore.
  • The student’s grade will be provided immediately once exam is submitted online and will also be accessible to the advisors via Huskynet or Banner weekly. For technical problems with the exam or questions about the CPE, please send a help request ticket at the ITS Helpdesk Support site .

System Requirements

  • The exam is located within the portal Blackboard (HBU Classes). Click on the Course List and search for “Simnet” to locate a section to enroll in. There are study resources and instructions to register for the exam will be available
  • “SIMnet doesn’t have many requirements. For instance, beyond a browser with the Adobe Flash Player plugin, there is absolutely nothing to install to begin using SIMnet. We specifically built SIMnet to be simple to use. However, we do have a couple requirements to make sure your experience is optimal”.
  • Check your computer for compatibility.

Getting Started:

  • Purchase the Registration Key Code at the Bookstore ($37.95)
  • The exam is located within HBU Portal Blackboard (HBU Classes) . Click on the Course List and search for “Simnet” to locate a section to enroll in.
  • Use your Hnumber to register for the exam in Blackboard.
  • Example:
    • Username:   H12345678
    • Password :   H12345678
  • It will go to the McGraw-Hill site, click on link, click on Simnet Grader icon on the bottom right; do not click on E-book learning
  • This CPE Exam will finish in 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • Unable to log in or unable to see an exam? Contact the testing center for more