HBU Navigate

Ashley_with_Matt_1What is HBU Navigate?

HBU Navigate is a software program that enables instructors to identify students having difficulties in their classes and connect them with campus services to help. It also allows students to book tutoring appointments quickly and easily manage their calendar.

Why does HBU have this system?

Even though HBU is a small campus, sometimes students desiring help aren’t sure where to go or how to get the support they need.  HBU Navigate directs students to the right place to get the resources to help them succeed.

What should I do if I receive a flag email from HBU Navigate?

First, please know that receiving a flag is NOT a punishment.  Rather, it indicates that your instructor cares about your success and wants to direct you to where you can receive additional help to be successful.  Receiving an flag is an opportunity for you to address the issues preventing you from excelling academically.

Second, please be sure to read the entire flag e-mail and follow the instructions mentioned.  This system has been implemented for your benefit and helps ensure your success at Houston Baptist University.

What if I don’t agree with receiving a flag?

If your instructor is worried about you, take it seriously.  He or she has seen enough student behavior over time to know when to be concerned.

Don’t justify your behavior.  You may be inclined to say “Well, I only missed three days,” or “That assignment is only 20% of my grade anyway.”  Remember that you are not the expert on what it takes to be successful in college—your instructor is.