Possible Section 504 Classroom Accommodations

Academic Accommodations are determined on an individual, case-by-case basis.  The following are examples (but not limited to) of possible classroom academic accommodations.

  • Assistance with lecture/class notes
  • Use of digital/tape recorder in class
  • Explanation of instructions
  • Explanation of assignments
  • Extra time for oral response
  • Extra time for written response (Director to specify time)
  • Oral exams or alternative response format
  • Use of test document, rather than Scantron, for exam response
  • Preferential seating
  • Extra time for assignments/projects (Director to specify time)
  • Use of 12 point or larger type fonts
  • Use of lined paper to answer essay or math questions
  • Use of graph paper in mathematics classes
  • Use of interpreter
  • Extended time for testing (Director to specify time)
  • Exams/Testing in quiet area
  • Facilitation of electronic textbooks, if available from publisher
  • Exams using computer
  • Magnified computer screen
  • Use of electronic spell checker
  • Others as specified by Director
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