Carnegie In-Person HBU Personality Workshops

It is our pleasure to announce an exciting new project underway at Houston Baptist University! HBU has retained Carnegie to help us with an important research and consensus-building project to clarify and define who we are as well as provide opportunities for growth in enrollment, reputation, and awareness for the institution. Carnegie is an industry leader in reputation research and strategy, specializing in crowd-sourced and consensus-driven processes to achieve authentic results. This project will take several months to complete, and ultimately culminate in a new reputation strategy and communication platform for the institution. Their original and proprietary methodology has been delivered to colleges and universities across the country and was featured on the cover of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

This project will only succeed with YOUR involvement. Carnegie’s method is entirely built around the input of the people who know HBU the best—and that means you! A series of six live workshops will be conducted at the campus on August 9 and 10, and your voice is absolutely essential to the success of this important work. We need your participation in these workshops, and for you to encourage other colleagues and stakeholders to attend as well.  Please register here if you would like to help us.

The central question across all of the workshops: Who is Houston Baptist University at its best? As you will learn, the “who” is a very important variable to understand, and Carnegie’s proprietary philosophy will help us crystalize this.

There are two types of workshops available to you—Personality and Platform—and you are invited to attend both of them. There is no requirement to attend both or one before the other.

Personality Workshops

The Personality workshops define the authentic human personality of Houston Baptist University both today and tomorrow. Exercises include:

  1. Personality Traits: In this framework, we’re evaluating top adjectives selected and voted on by the participants, and their intended meaning toward the university’s unique personality. We distill this into distinctive “Trait Veins” which serve as the primary personality drivers for the personality. These Traits Veins are further clarified with positioning statements to draw out their authentic meaning. Conversely, we discuss “Faults” or negative traits of the institution, to explore some of the potential weaknesses of the organization’s personality.
  2.  Archetype: Here, we’re evaluating social stereotype, or Archetype. Archetyping is about characterizing the university to help crystalize its personality type. Carnegie works with nine Archetypes total.  As with all of the frameworks, the insights are integrated and build upon one another. This is a mechanism that causes the institution to take a personality position that others readily understand. Examples are Wizard, Contender, Provider, Monarch, etc.
  3. Modes of Attraction: In concert with Archetype above, this is some of our most contemporary theory. We’ve identified a spectrum whereby any influential figure in history—Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Rudy Ruettiger, Amelia Earhart, James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, Nelson Mandela, Lucille Ball, etc.—fits into one of several Modes of Attraction. Meaning, the tactics by which they innately persuade and attract. We ask the participants to decide which Mode the institution authentically fits.
  4. The Cause: Here, we’re testing the deep inner purpose of a brand. Why does it exist? What really motivates it? The answer can’t be money, or simply people, or reference the tangible product/service. Using a potent and functional three word structure, this offers a profound look at the existence of the brand.

Platform Workshops

The Platform workshops cascade insights into messaging and storyline outcomes. The result is a powerful, long-term communication tool for the whole institution.

  1. Genome: Prior to lens development (below) participants are asked to decide between core characteristics of HBU, in a dominance ranking format. For example, we might give you a list that includes “Competitive, Powerful, Assertive, Inquisitive, Passionate” and ask you to make a determination of importance between the set. This testing sets the stage for the lens development to follow.
  2. Dimensions: This is the key exercise of the second workshop, which is focused on extracting the insights required to build the language of the university. Traits gathered from the first series of personality workshops will be explored deeply to form unique definitions, and ultimately a master narrative and storytelling map for the institution.
  3. Preamble: In this founding framers’ methodology, we identify the big ideas and critical stories and their dimensional connections to HBU.

These workshops are intended to be fun, engaging, and informative. Come prepared to share as Carnegie helps us think about Houston Baptist University in a whole new way. Thank you in advance for your participation and active involvement in this important work. Your voice determines the outcome of this project.

Format and Delivery

Workshops are two hours long and delivered with consensus-building at the core. Focused on collaborative dialogue, these workshops are highly interactive and involve simple technology like posters, pens, stickers, post-its, etc. Participants work in pairs or small groups much of the time to complete specific exercises. Continual interaction and open discussion are central to the format. You can expect to exert a fair amount of mental energy and leave both inspired and enthusiastic and perhaps a little tired!
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