Office of the Provost

The mission of the Office of the Provost is to execute leadership of the university in the areas of Academic Affairs, Academic Operations, Student Life, and Academic Technology.

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In the Gospel of John we read of how Jesus became flesh and tabernacled among us.  Our goal is to lead HBU in Christ-centered teaching, service and research so that the “…true Light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man” (John 1:9) can be more fully known by our students and communities.  As part of being a comprehensive university we are committed to developing excellent programs in all areas of the human experience as “All things came into being through [Jesus], and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being” (John 1:3).  I am excited about HBU’s vision and all the great work being done by our faculty and staff.  My prayer is that the Light of the world and His grace will bless you as you participate in the life of the university.

Dr. Michael RosatoDr. Michael Rosato, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs,  reports directly to the University President.  Dr. Rosato assists in policy development, strategic planning and faculty/staff/student relations as needed. Dr. Rosato is instrumental in the development of innovative curriculum and leads the efforts in faculty recruitment, professional development and establishing policies and procedures commensurate with the University Mission and Vision.


Ms. Ritamarie TauerMs. Ritamarie Tauer, CPA,  Associate Provost for Academic Operations,  reports directly to the University Provost.  Working in concert with the Provost, Ms. Tauer is responsible for leadership, direction and support of Institutional Research and Effectiveness and University Compliance.  Ms. Tauer is responsible for assuring compliance with all accreditation standards, including the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), and College/School specific accreditation. Direct reports to this position include the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness and Compliance Support.


Mr. Whit GoodwinMr. Whit Goodwin, Associate Provost for Student Life, reports directly to the University Provost.  Mr. Goodwin has oversight of the university’s student life, including Spiritual Life, Student Involvement, First and Second Year Experiences, Residence Life, Campus Recreation, Student Organizations, Student Conduct, Student Health Services, the HBU Bradshaw Fitness Center, the Institute of Christianity and Scholarship, and HBU’s Cheer and Spirit programs. Goodwin reports to the Provost and also serves on various University committees and task forces.


Dr. Paulita Brooker, Associate Provost for E-Learning and Continuing Education, reports directly to the University Provost. Working in concert with the Provost, Dr. Brooker is responsible for the leadership, direction and support of academic efforts of the online programming at the University. Dr. Brooker is responsible for the professional development and training of faculty who teach in the online environment, and for collaboration with other areas of the university which serve the online programming to establish policies and procedures which assure the academic experience for online students meets the standards and is congruent with that of all students the university serves. Direct report to this position is the division of academic technology support.

Jeffrey Green, PhD

Dr. Jeff Green, Associate Provost for Graduate Programs and Director of HBU’s Institute of Christianity and Scholarship, reports directly to the University Provost.  Dr. Green coordinates graduate programs across HBU’s curriculum and works to improve the graduate education process from admissions to alumni relations.  Among his responsibilities are assisting with new program development, overseeing Graduate Council, working with admissions staff and deans on enrollment management, and partnering with University stakeholders to improve the graduate student experience.  Dr. Green is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and his primary research interests are in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Religion.  In addition, he enjoys teaching and is privileged to be able to work with both the undergraduate and graduate students at HBU.  As director of the Institute of Christianity and Scholarship, he assists in the hiring process and faculty development with regards to the integration of faith and scholarship.  Dr. Green has been with HBU since the Fall of 2009 and has served in a variety of administrative positions. Previously, he taught philosophy for two years at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL.

Dr. Crystal D. Lee, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Assistant Professor of Education, reports directly to the University Provost.  Working collaboratively with faculty and staff across the university, the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs provides leadership under the direction of the Provost to support excellence in teaching and learning within the undergraduate and graduate programs through seeking continuous improvement in policies, procedures, and services to facilitate student success and to support the advancement of the university’s mission, values, and strategic goals. Direct reports to this position include the Assistant Provost, the Office of the Registrar, Student Success, Academic Success Center, Moody Library, Student Support Services (TRiO), University Testing, Career and Calling, and the McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise.


HBU’s Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Intellectual Property created solely for the purpose or satisfying a course requirement is owned by the student and
not the University or the student’s professor.
Exceptions to this policy:

  • The University becomes the owner of student work if the student assigns ownership rights of the intellectual
    property to the University in writing, or written assignment of such ownership rights to the University is
    made a condition for participation in a course.
  • The University owns the answers and questions on tests and examination, unless otherwise indicated by the
    course instructor. Tests and examinations include, but are not limited to, print, electronic and audio or
    visual formats.
  • If student research projects are funded by outside sponsors and if the sponsor requires ownership of the
    intellectual property produced by the student as a condition of sponsorship, the University will so advise the
    student before the student begins the project. The student will be required to sign a waiver prior to
    beginning the project.
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