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Robert B. Sloan

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of Houston Baptist University (HBU). The President is charged with the general supervision of the administration of the University and reports to the Board of Trustees. The President collaborates with Trustee members and a wide range of internal and external constituencies to provide visionary leadership and direction for HBU’s future. In consultation with the Board of Trustees, the President oversees University policies, strategic direction and the overall financial condition of the University. In addition, the President is responsible for leading the University in academics, research, student life, and civic engagement. The President has oversight and development responsibilities of HBU’s strategic plan, The Ten Pillars, which details HBU’s pursuit of becoming a comprehensive national Christian university firmly rooted in the Christian faith and the $136.5 million capital campaign goal that undergirds The Ten Pillars, called “Seize the Moment”. As the leading spokesperson of the University, the President interacts with faculty, staff, students, alumni, the Board of Trustees, donors, friends of the University community, and the public. The President is actively engaged in promoting and advancing HBU’s Christian educational mission and academic excellence. The President leads the University’s fundraising efforts and is charged with attracting resources from a variety of sources. The President also oversees the human and financial resources of the institution to ensure fiscal soundness and accountability.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Michael Rosato

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer for the University and is responsible to the President for providing vision and leadership for the University’s academic and student life programs, with a clear, focused commitment to teaching, learning, and academic excellence. The Provost works closely with associate provosts and academic deans, faculty, and other administrators to address educational policy, instructional planning, program review, assessment of student life and learning, accreditation and self-evaluation, academic personnel actions, resource planning and allocation, and faculty development. The Provost promotes the University’s Mission by providing visionary and strategic academic leadership and oversight of all academic and student life operations including the Associate Provosts, academic Deans, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, University Compliance, Moody Library, Registrar, Career and Calling, Student Success, Testing and Disabilities Services, University Museums, the Institute of Christianity and Scholarship, Spiritual Life, Student Involvement, Resident Life, Campus Recreation, Student Organizations, Student Conduct, Student Health Services and the Bradshaw Fitness Center. The Provost serves on the President’s Executive Council, where along with the administrative officers, the Provost exercises leadership in budget planning and accountability, strategic initiatives, and other elements of administrative policy. The Provost reports directly to the President.

Vice President for Advancement and University Relations

Sharon Saunders

The Vice President for Advancement and University Relations is responsible to the President for the administration, operation, and direction of the University’s fundraising program and works with the President, Trustees, volunteers, as well as academic and administrative leadership to frame appropriate strategies and implement fundraising initiatives. The Vice President for Advancement and University Relations provides overall leadership for the alumni association, as well as areas including church relations, University Events and Conferences. The Vice President for Advancement and University Relations also serves as executive director of The Guild, an organization of more than three hundred Christian women dedicated to the support of the University President and Houston Baptist University. This person also oversees the American Museum Society, an organization committed to supporting the HBU Museum of American Architecture and Decorative Arts. All projects of affinity organizations and advisory council coordinate with this office, including event planning, fundraising, and special projects. In addition, the Vice President for Advancement and University Relations serves as a member of the President’s Executive Council leadership team, numerous institutional committees and community-related advisory boards and councils. The Vice President for Advancement and University Relations represents the President with a number of publics, community friends, and organizations and serves as the liaison for the President on special projects and event planning.

Director of Athletics

Steve Moniaci

The Director of Athletics is responsible to the President for oversight of all areas of the Athletic Department. The Director provides vision and leadership to the department while maintaining a Christian, competitive NCAA Division l athletic program. This person is also responsible for fostering gender equality and diversity within the department, while continuing to develop an integrated role for intercollegiate athletics within the university structure. The Director of Athletics is responsible for oversight and development of the athletic budget and for oversight of all athletic facilities.

Vice President for Enrollment Management

James Steen

The Vice President for Enrollment Management is responsible to the President for all activities related to administering the undergraduate recruitment and admissions and financial aid areas of the University. The Vice President for Enrollment Management is responsible for assuring that the quality and quantity of the inquiry pool are sufficient to meet the enrollment needs and goals of the institution. This person manages the team that oversees the marketing and communication efforts to prospective students, represents the University at college fairs and other events around the state, and coordinates campus visits and orientation/registration events for prospective and incoming students.

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer

Sandy Mooney

The Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer (CFO/COO) is responsible to the President of Houston Baptist University, serves as a member of the Executive Council and, in the President’s absence, serves as the Officer-in-Charge. The CFO/COO collaborates closely with all members of the President’s Executive Council and other peer positions reporting to the President in planning, directing and leading the implementation of projects, policies, procedures and practices that govern operations essential to achieving the mission and goals of the University. The CFO/COO is also directly responsible for the oversight, leadership and coordination of several critical administrative functions and divisions/departments including: Financial Operations, Planning and Budgeting, Student Accounts, Human Resources, Space Planning and Usage, Campus Police/Public Safety, Facilities Management and Development, Information Technology, Bookstore, and other outsourced services. The CFO/COO also has a significant role in the management of the University’s wholly owned subsidiary, Beechnut Street, Inc.

Vice President for Innovation and Strategic Marketing

Jerry Johnston

The Vice President for Innovation and Strategic Marketing is responsible to the President for all activities related to the institutions marketing and communications and has overall responsibility for the successful planning, implementation, and evaluation of all brand and communication efforts. The Vice President for Innovation and Strategic Marketing oversees the development of an integrated marketing plan and a clear and compelling brand for the institution to help shape and pursue the University’s mission and vision. This person supports the integrated marketing and branding efforts of the institution by serving as the primary liaison between the Communications department and other constituents, collaborating with internal and external community members to implement the marketing plan.

Vice President for Online/Digital Learning

Steve Peterson

The Vice President for Online/Digital Learning is responsible to the President for all activities related to the overall leadership and achieving the goals of the Pampell Online Division and Graduate School Admissions at Houston Baptist University as outlined by the President and his council.

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