HBU’s Vision

At HBU, we believe that with the passing of the old institutions and the lack of ambition of the new, something important has been lost, something that the world desperately needs. We are in a defining period in the history of western civilization. We are witnesses to a global confrontation of ideologies that is not just on the battlefield or in the halls of government, but runs through our entire social fabric.

This is also a time when the frontiers of science are being pushed out into new territory. Half a century ago, the founders of HBU discussed the need for an institution that would do something even more important than instructing how to build an atomic bomb. Their university would provide the intellectual and spiritual wherewithal to determine if and when such a force might ever be used. Today, that insight remains relevant, not only for its application to warfare, but also for its need with regard to cloning, stem cell research, and a variety of other bioethical concerns.

The challenges of the future in a world like ours must be met by faithful young men and women of today who are equipped with a full education, who understand the nature of the world the Creator entrusted to us, in which we are called to be salt and light.

We seek nothing less than to guide and instruct the next generations of faithful artists, authors, actors, academics, business professionals, lawyers, musicians, doctors, teachers, scientists, and others – individuals who will understand the times we live in, and understand God’s calling for their lives. We seek to produce the future leaders of the world who also live as servants in the kingdom of God.

Houston Baptist University offers an ideal location for taking the next step in Christian higher education. We have the foundation in place. We are a substantial university with the best accreditation available. Our trustees, president, faculty, and staff are all Christians. We have the leadership and the vision necessary to grow into a truly influential, national Christian university.

Our founders had the vision to build HBU’s campus directly in the path of Houston’s growth. We are located in the fourth largest city in America. What happens at HBU will be covered by major media outlets. We have ready access to major airports and numerous hotel facilities for hosting conferences and symposia. There is a large pool of potential students immediately available. HBU will have an advantage in recruiting outstanding scholars who want to live in a major city rather than a small town. Our campus can become a major cultural center in the metropolis. We are poised to become the kind of institution that can be a leader for Christian higher education in America.

The opportunity is before us. The people who choose to fuel HBU’s mission will be instrumental in revolutionizing Christian higher education and in building the first in a new wave of great Christian universities in America.

HBU will fulfill its responsibility for the renewal of Christian higher education through a vision organized around Ten Pillars:

  • Build on the Classics
  • Recruit for National Influence
  • Embrace the Challenge of Christian Graduate Education
  • Establish a Residential Society of Learning
  • Increase our Cultural Impact through our Faculty
  • Renew our Campus, Renew our Community
  • Bring Athens and Jerusalem Together
  • Expand our Commitment to the Creative Arts: Visual, Musical, and Literary
  • Cultivate a Strong Global Focus
  • Move to the Next Level as an Institution

These Ten Pillars are the reflection of envisioning sessions and conversations held with HBU faculty, staff, students, trustees, alumni, and selected members of the community.  The ideas and initiatives listed in this vision document all have their roots in those sessions. While the Ten Pillars do not exhaustively list all the suggestions, or all of our plans, they do capture the spirit and direction of our university family’s aspirations for HBU.