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Campus Policies and Security

  • The University Police Department publishes a “Police Alert” within forty-eight hours of a significant criminal offense. This outlines the nature and facts of the crime. It is made available to faculty, staff, and students. Its intent is to warn the campus community to the specific type of criminal activity occurring.
  • Crime statistics are prepared monthly by the University’s Chief of Police.
  • ANY suspicious activity should be reported to the University Police Department.
  • Policies concerning the security of and access to campus facilities are found under University Facilities Policies.
  • Policies concerning campus law enforcement are found under Campus Safety – The University Police.
  • The possession, use and sale of alcoholic beverages and enforcement of state underage drinking laws are addressed under the University’s Alcohol Policy.
  • The possession, use and sale of illegal drugs and enforcement of federal and state drug laws are addressed under the University’s Drug Policy and Alcohol Policy.
  • The University procedures and programs concerning sex offenses can be found under Sexual Harassment Policy.
  • Procedures for reporting and counseling after a sexual assault can be found under Sexual Assault Policy.
  • The University Police speak at the Freshman Year Experience, residence meetings, campus crime prevention meetings, new faculty orientation, faculty assembly, as well as other special events. At these annual events, police discuss campus policies, procedures, and crime prevention tips. Officers in the University Police Department are certified in Rape Crisis Intervention. They conduct awareness discussions on this topic throughout the year.