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Trademark Licensing Policy

The University has partnered with Learfield Licensing Partners to implement a trademark and licensing program to help the university protect and strengthen its brand and intellectual identity. Learfield represents over 200 colleges, universities, and bowl games across the country, including seven universities in the Southland Conference.

This licensing agreement affects all departments (including athletics), student groups, and individuals who produce and/or purchase any item featuring the Houston Baptist University name or abbreviation, seal, logos or intellectual property.

What kinds of items are subject to the licensing agreement?

  • Any items that are customized or branded to represent HBU, including but not limited to clothing, caps, key chains, folders, pens, pencils, cups, flags, banners, and bumper stickers. These items include products used as giveaways, supplies, or fundraisers.
  • Logos include any imprint, embroidery or application that uses HBU, Houston Baptist University, Huskies, University seals, or any new art affiliated with the University.
  • Marketing material or literature used by departments to promote HBU does NOT fall under the licensing agreement, but should be approved by the department of Innovation and Strategic Marketing prior to production.

All departments (including athletics), student groups, and individuals must order and purchase customized products from vendors approved by Learfield Licensing Partners. For a list of licensees that are currently licensed to produce HBU products, please visit https://clc.com/license-search/ and select the “Houston Baptist University” school.

What if I want to use a vendor that is not currently licensed by LRG?

  • New vendors must submit an application, be approved, and pay a fee to hold a license through Learfield.
  • If you are currently working with a company that is not on this list and you need them to become licensed so you can continue working with them, please have them reach out to our LFG Brand Manager Chelcie Abajian (see below).

Whom do I contact if I have questions or need help adhering to the trademark licensing program?