Covenant Fellows Program

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Mark Warrington
Director, Baptist Student Ministries
(281) 649-3223

*Submissions for this coming Fall Semester can be made beginning March 1.

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The purpose of the Covenant Fellows Program is to give students called to Christian ministry financial, personal and professional support as they further their undergraduate development into competent and holistically educated ministers/professors/missionaries.  HBU covenants with our students and with local churches to provide education and professional experiences that will prove beneficial to both those studying in the program and those churches supporting and employing our ministerial students.

Ministry Preparedness:

Each member of the program will take part in multiple ministry preparedness opportunities:

Cadre Sessions - Cadre Sessions will be bi-monthly meeting of individuals in the program with a local minister, academic, and/or successful Christian layman to discuss the needs, trials, joys, and processes of full-time vocational ministry.  These events will be structured around particular topics and situations relating to ministerial calling and vocation.

Mentoring Relationships - Mentors from HBU, including alumni in ministry, area ministers, and other professionals, will hold monthly mentorship meetings with individual students to discuss their experiences and lessons learned in the program, as well as continue to network with local ministries and churches.  Both the cadre and mentoring sessions will work for the benefit of the student and the local church.

Ministry Internships - All students in the program will be placed in an internship by at least their junior year.  These internships will take part in local churches and parachurch ministries.  Students will have the opportunity to experience and serve in the vocational life of a ministry, while supporting and further ties between HBU and the local community.  End of semester evaluations will take place between the student, internship site, and HBU to further improve and learn from the internship experience.

Financial Assistance - Each Covenant Scholar may receive up to $10K in scholarship money per academic year, per meeting the requirements of the program.

Initial Requirements:

Requirements of applicants to the program include:
  • Must have a competitive SAT and/or ACT score, and a competitive high school GPA
  • Must communicate a clear call to vocational Christian ministry
  • Must have a proven record of church, community, and leadership involvement
  • Must provide 2 recommendations, one from a minister and one from a high school teacher
  • Must either major or minor in Christianity
  • Must attend an accredited* seminary or masters program after graduation.
  • Must serve at least 2 years of college as an intern at local church/parachurch ministry.
  • Must attend at least 4 cadre sessions each semester dedicated to ministerial preparation.
  • Must live on campus for the first 6 semesters of study.

*Accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).