HBU Sled Team

Kiza is cared for by the HBU Sled Team, led by the Head Musher. The Sled Team consists of nine members each responsible for all of Kiza’s activities on and off campus such as walking her, bathing her, grooming her, feeding her, taking her to athletic and school events, as well as a variety of other tasks.

Head Musher

Hunter Smith from Jersey Village, TX. I enjoy playing board games and hanging out with friends. I am involved in Student Foundation, Husky Ambassadors, and of course, Sled Team. I have been part of Sled Team for 3 years. Kiza and I love to play hide and seek together! 

Sled Team

PAWS (People Assisting With Sled Team) is a volunteer group of students who assist with caring for Kiza.  

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