Meet our Tutors


Houston Baptist University Academic Success Center tutors.

Amanda Tran
Tutor and Academic Coach

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Biology, Chemistry
  • Interesting Fact:  I can count in Tagalog.

Beeran Jethwa

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Biology, Chemistry
  • Interesting Fact:  I am from London, England, and I have an accent.

Brenna White
Academic Coach

  • Interesting Fact:  I was born in Scotland.                       

Carlos Cruz

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Accounting, Business
  • Interesting Fact:  I have a stationary obsession!

Chelsea Hill
Tutor and Student Worker

  • Tutoring Subjects:  English, Philosophy, Writing
  • Interesting Fact:  I know the entire song medley from the end of Shrek- and I can do it in all the character voices.

Chris Atkins

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Greek, Honors, Honors Writing
  • Interesting Fact:  I am a biblical languages student who doesn't like coffee.

Chris Ha

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Biology, Chemistry, Psychology
  • Interesting Fact:  I like to read for fun.

Colton Roath

  • Tutoring Subjects:  History, Writing
  • Interesting Fact:  I've owned four dogs.

Cydnee Parris

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Nursing, Psychology
  • Interesting Fact:  I am first generation American; my family is from the Caribbean.

Cynthia Duarte

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Math
  • Interesting Fact:  I run 10 to 15 miles a week during the summer for fun.

Dennis Uwakwe

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math
  • Interesting Fact:  I am an international student, but I speak and understand English fluently. You won't even know that I am international. Also, I am a huge soccer fan. I play and watch!

Elizabeth Robbins

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Honors, Honors Writing, Latin, Philosophy
  • Interesting Fact:  When I was little, I wanted to be a princess-lawyer-coroner so that I could ensure justice was upheld. As princess, I would make just laws. As lawyer, I would ensure those laws were administered correctly. As coroner, I would ensure that all evidence used in court cases was useful and viable. 

Hamza Bhalli

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Interesting Fact:  Nothing, I'm completely ordinary.         

Irma Bustos

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Chemistry, Math
  • Interesting Fact:  I have 4 younger siblings and 2 older siblings.

Jade Myers

  • Tutoring Subjects:  English, Philosophy
  • Interesting Fact:  I've lived in four states: Utah, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Texas (and Texas is the best, of course)!

Jane Reynolds
Academy Tutor

  • Tutoring Subjects:  English, History, Philosophy
  • Interesting Fact:  I've done 12 years of theatre.

Janina Jose

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Biology, Chemistry
  • Interesting Fact:  I took over 60 hours of college courses in high school as dual credit.

Josh Jones
Tutor and Supplemental Instruction Leader

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Government, History, Writing
  • Interesting Fact:  I'm a seventh generation Texan.

Josue Vasquez

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Math, Physics
  • Interesting Fact:  I'm a sports nut, and I enjoy just aboukt everything that is sports related.

Karina Brisack
Academy Tutor

  • Tutoring Subjects:  English, History, Philosophy
  • Interesting Fact:  I compete in Mock Trial on a team ranked in the top 15% nationally. 

Kristen Ott

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Biology, Chemistry
  • Interesting Fact:

Lydia Jameson
Academic Coach

  • Interesting Fact:  I have fifteen hours of Big Band music on my iPod.          

Michael Clowers

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Biology, Chemistry, Honors, Honors Writing, Writing
  • Interesting Fact:  I love languages! Right now, I can speak Spanish and French (in addition to English, obviously). I also enoy learning new alphabets and phrases in other languages like Russion, Korean, etc.

Michael Pearcey

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Psychology, Spanish
  • Interesting Fact:  I am an amateur herpetologist, a Linux enthusiast, and an aspiring polyglot.

Nam Nguyen

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Biology, Chemistry
  • Interesting Fact:  I am a landlord and an international student.

Sarah Wilson
Tutor and Student Worker

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Christianity, English, Psychology, Writing
  • Interesting Fact:  I have a pet fish named Mister.

Saul Fernandez

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Latin
  • Interesting Fact:  I have never visited another US state.

Sophie Cook

  • Tutoring Subjects:  Writing
  • Interesting Fact:  I lived in Europe for 8 months during my sophomore year of high school. I've read Pride and Prejudice twice a year, every year, since 2007.

Sydney Smith
Online Graduate Writing Tutor

  • Tutoring Subject:  Graduate Writing
  • Interesting Fact:  I have three lovely, furry little cats.

Tartan Collier

  • Tutoring Subject:  Writing
  • Interesting Fact:  "Liminal" is my favorite word.

Thalia Westmoreland
Academy Tutor

  • Tutoring Subject:  English, History, Philosophy
  • Interesting Fact:  My favorite word is "schadenfreude."

William Coggins

  • Tutoring Subject:  Biology, Chemistry, Music
  • Interesting Fact:  I really appreciate knock-knock jokes.

Yoselyn Mendoza
Tutor and Academic Coach

  • Tutoring Subject:  History
  • Interesting Fact:  I like basketball.