Academic Success Center

Stay Connected with the Academic Success Center:

The mission of the Academic Success Center is to provide resources to facilitate student academic success. We have a number of services to help you meet your academic goals including tutoring, test reviews, weekly study groups, Supplemental Instruction, and Academic Coaching.
Tutoring is our largest service, providing support for more than 75 courses. We hire students specifically for the Honors College and Academy in order to offer the best help possible to these students.

Also, check out the newly renovated ASC Lounge on the first floor of Moody Library.

Meet the Staff:

                                                                                    Margaret F. Humphreys

Biography: Margaret graduated from Indiana State University with a MS in Student Affairs and Higher Education. Originally from Illinois and Missouri, she moved to Houston in the last few years. She has worked in higher education for over four years at Hannibal-LaGrange University and Judson University. 

Why I love working for the Academic Success Center: Working at the Academic Success Center allows me to positively impact students’ learning.  I really enjoy seeing a student smile after coming to understand a challenging concept. I am thankful to work in a position that allows me to support life-long learning. 

Best study tip: Always set yourself up to succeed. If you are easily distracted by electronics, put your phone on airplane mode, and if you do not need Wi-Fi for an assignment, turn it off on your computer. This cuts down on distractions and allows your full focus to be on studying. If you work for 40 minutes in a distraction-free environment, you will be surprised by how much you accomplish.

Interesting fact: I have traveled to over 25 different countries and 45 of the 50 States. 

Samantha Bottoms, administrative assistant  for the academic success center at Houston Baptist University. Samantha Bottoms
Assistant Director

Biography: Samantha earned her BS in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M University and will complete her MA in Theological Studies from Houston Baptist University in December. She has worked in the Academic Success Center for 3 years.

Why I love working for the Academic Success Center: College was such a pivotal time in my life, and I love helping students discover where their passions are and how to excel in school and life.

Best study tip: Study at a time when you are mentally at your best.  If you think more clearly in the morning, don't try to force yourself to stay up all night - just wake up early to do your studying. 

Interesting fact: I attended several balls for a traditional German folk club while studying in Germany.

                                                Emily Serna
Administrative Assistant

Biography: Emily graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Biology. She worked for 3 years with Teach for America teaching high school science in Rio Grande City, TX before joining the ASC staff.

Why I love working for the Academic Success Center: I love working for the Academic Success Center because our duty is to help students and to ensure that they are getting what they need to be successful. I loved my college experience, and I will never forget the people and services that helped me excel.

Best study tip: Use your off-time wisely. The quality- not the quantity- of your study time is what is important. Studying between breaks will help you retain what you have learned in class and allow you time to do what makes you happy.

Interesting fact: I come from a huge family! There are over 40 immediate family members at every holiday celebration. On Christmas, we love to play bingo for presents.